NBA 2K13 Patch Available Now

Posted November 27th, 2012 at 11:15 am

The first gameplay and feedback-based patch for NBA 2K13 is out now for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. The release of the patch falls right in line with earlier expectations that it would be out in late November. Modes in progress will not have to be restarted for the changes to take effect.

Areas addressed include the second half of the season in MyCareer and Association being auto-simmed, better balance in offensive rebounding, success rate of three pointers, and plays being run and visible in MyCareer games. Some of the issues left unaddressed are that dunks still can’t be blocked, the exploit that has made three pointers practically automatic (big problem online) is still present, and there is still no way to go back to “VC” after getting relegated to offline “SP”.

Continue on for the full list of changes made to NBA 2K13 through the patch and leave any thoughts and later observations in the comments!

•Improved AI rebounding logic to balance out offensive rebound frequency.
•Tuned AI transition defense; users will now have more fast break opportunities against the CPU. Additionally, CPU teammates are now more able to guard their opponents on the break.
•Long range passes are now less accurate and will result in more fumbled and missed catches.
•Passing successfully out of a double team has been tuned to be slightly more difficult.
•Tuned the logic behind Charging calls so that they are properly called. Charges will now sometimes be called when the defender is in position and stationary, even if he is not in the “Take Charge” animation.
•Tuned timing on block animations, and made the AI more vigilant about blocking layups.
•Improved reach-in foul detection when defender continually swipes at the ball, results in more called fouls where appropriate.
•AI now only calls for a full court press in appropriate situations (i.e. late in the game).
•Addressed two dunk animations that were not counting for a score when they were converted.
•Fixed an issue where Replay would show the incorrect play, rather than what actually happened on the court.
•AI positioning when running plays has been tuned so that big men with limited shooting range will not move further away from the basket than what their range allows.
•AI teammates will remain in Post Up position longer when Quick Post play is called for them.
•Tuned alley-oop and putback dunks such that only players who have a high tendency to perform either move are able to finish with one.
•Removed the restrictions for the ‘Microwave’ Signature Skill such that it now works regardless of whether you are already on a hot or cold streak.
•When a block is recorded for a player with the ‘Eraser’ Signature Skill, only the shooting attributes of the blocked player are lowered.
•Fixed a rare issue where a traveling violation would be called on a pass fake.
•Referee Review on last shot no longer if it has no effect on the outcome of the game.
•A number of smaller changes made to address issues and enhance the user experience.
•Tuned three-point percentage.

•NIKEiD shoes will now appear properly in-game after being equipped to a player.
•Addressed an issue where the game score would disappear in Blacktop games when Signature Highlights were viewed in the pause menu.
•Fixed an issue where Free Throw Feedback would no longer appear in games after playing an Online MyTEAM game.
•Addressed an issue in Online MyTEAM games where the away team player would have the Signature Skills of the home team player if identical players were used by both.
•Music will no longer be disabled and Game Settings will no longer revert back to Default when completing an online game in MyTEAM.
•Changed the difficulty settings for all of the seeds in MyTEAM.
•(360) Addressed a Kinect issue where a misleading overlay would appear when a timeout was called through a voice command when no timeouts were remaining.

•Added additional warning re: conversion of an online MyCAREER (one that earns VC) to an offline MyCAREER (one that earns Skill Points).
•Fixed an issue where the remainder of the user’s schedule would appear empty after participating in the various All-Star Weekend events. This change also carries over to Association/Season modes.
•‘Run Plays’ and ‘PlayVision’ should now function properly (when activated), regardless of your MyPLAYER’s position.
•Fixed an issue where all games in October would be simulated when ‘Play Next Game’ is selected after the start of a new season.
•Users playing MyCAREERs that accrue Skill Points will no longer find themselves with negative skill points after played games (where a number of unlikely conditions were all met).
•Addressed a rare hang that would occur if the “Defend Your Home Court” billboard commercial would play between quarters of the Rising Stars Challenge or All-Star game.
•Addressed a number of issues with the Social Media feature, including one where the news feed would stop updating completely.
•When changing teams via free agency in the offseason, your MyPLAYER will now receive the proper role (starter, sixth man, etc.) that was promised during the contract negotiation.
•You will no longer fail the Dynamic Goal “Give your team the lead before the game ends” when subbed out before the end of the game.
•The Teammate Chemistry rating on the “Play Next Game” loading screen should now display the correct value (as seen in the Social Media menu).
•The volume of the menu music and sound effects will no longer become extremely quiet after playing consecutive games in MyCAREER.

•3PT Tendency progression logic has been rewritten to correctly model the growth variances within each player type in the game. This change also carries over to MyCAREER mode.
•Users will no longer lose Scouting Reports after viewing Recent Games tab of a player card.
•Birth years can now be set to later than 1993 when editing Draft Classes after the 1st season.
•Addressed a rare hang that would occur when attempting to participate in the Dunk Contest with a created player assigned to a created team.
•(Online) Offense/Defense options should now save properly when using Total Sim Control.
•(Online) Admins will now have access to appropriate Commissioner Tools during offseason.

  • craig

    Played this morning a few games and this patch hasnt done much. The rebounding is better but thats really all I could notice different. Waited 2 months for this? SMH

  • Keith.

    Very happy to see PlayVision now working, and that we don’t need to restart MyCareer. Great stuff.

    • Squints Palledorous

      Awesome news. Time to fire this thing back up. That’s the only real problem I’ve had with the game.

  • I’m cool with this. Addressed the biggest problems I was running into (Auto-sim & Offensive rebounding) I kinda wish they left the frittata Full court press in though. My center used to pick up major Teammate Grade cheese from laying a brick wall screen on PGs at halfcourt, but I see why it got taken out. Also, props for not having to reset MyCareer.

  • I wonder did they fix aesthetics though. Disappearing jerseys on classic teams, incorrect jerseys rendering on commercials, etc. Also, when will they fix free agent logic in Association. 2nd season Dwight went to Milwaukee, CP3 went to Cleveland. 3rd season Lebron went to Phoenix.

    • in every single career mode i play CP3 ALWAYS GOES TO CLEVELAND!! since 2k11

    • I had the same thing happen in My career with cp3 and Lebron

  • Kindell Anderson

    YES i cant wait til i get home…

  • pissed 2k player

    They still do not address not being able to block dunks this is just crazy this is sad 2k

  • Skopin

    My biggest issue is not being able to call plays from a non-PG position in My Career. If it’s the 4th quarter and I am the star player on the team, I should at the very least be able to call for an iso, especially if I get a mismatch.

    • khadeemw

      i can call plays with my PF

      • Skopin

        Yea, I found that out after I posted here lol. They finally made playcalling available to any position. So nevermind.

        • GKage

          How? I can never call pays with my SG or SF. Is there a certain level of team chemistry you have to get?

          • Skopin

            Hmm, I’m not sure; I am able to call plays like normal by using the DPad. I haven’t tested it with my SG but my SF is able to call plays after the patch. I will have to check to see if there is something special you have to do.

  • H-Town

    Shitty patch……

    • twan5585

      this patch is shitty u cant even play any defense on ball sucks an now everything is a foul cant even block a shot dey call foul thats bullshit!!

  • Ben

    They didnt fix the eurostep glitch??? just wonderful

  • khadeemw

    Still cant block dunks. Thanks 2k. And your welcome for 60 bucks.

    • Scrubs

      you can’t? i can. maybe you just a scrub.

      • khadeemw

        I seriously doubt youre better than me.

  • jz

    2k blows. They promised full support n the Wii U. I PMed a 2k rep on Operation sports and he confirmed that the Wii U will not get roster updates or this patch. FU 2k!

    • Wii who???

      Fuck that stupid Wii U. What a piece of shiny plastic last gen junk.

    • 49ersfan1

      Wii U sucks. go play mario or wait for a new Xbox/PS, which is made for sports/shooter games.

      • jz

        Your ps3 or 360 sucks. My video card for my PC 7 years ago was better than your garbage console if you want to go there. Whats your point?

        • jz

          Be nice if games didnt have to cater to poor scrubs that can’t afford a top of the line pc or are to stupid to build a pc thier self. If it wasn’t for you scrubs I could be playing sport games 3xs better quality on my pc instead of getting shitty ports from your 8 year old consoles with $50 worth of parts in them.

          • Bon

            Still doesnt change the fact the sports games arent focused on Nintendo consoles. Noob.

        • 49ersfan1

          nintendo is not for sport games. its made for little kids games. i also never asked u for quility of a PC. gtfo

  • xoxoteiro

    Can we export teams to recreat other classic teams???

  • TheSpartanZombie

    Another small thing they need to change is the All-Star DLC. With the dunk contest you tend to get random scores and the 3 point shootout is just… horrendous. The shooting motions don’t look fluid at all and sometimes I feel like I’m going to permanently mash the X button into my controller.

  • TheSpartanZombie

    If I am correct NBA 2k11 had 1 patch, 2k12 had 1 patch, and 2k13 I can assume this will be the only patch it receives until next 2k game. Pathetic.

  • HV

    And ten days without a roster update. Kevin Love is back and missing players are needeed.

  • the NIKEid shoe issue was annoying… glad they actually fixed it so i can create colorways players actually wear, i thought they’d let it go all year

  • NELL86

    The most overrated sports game i ever played in my lifetime!!!

    • fuck ronnie 2k

      then u clearly have never played live or madden

  • 49ersfan1

    has th 3pt shot change majorly? i was ok with it before. just a slight change is fine.

    • m.dedj

      It’s way more realistic, you can’t go spot up at any time and make them. so now like if i give it to an open man and he catches and shoots he makes it more often than not, but if you just run to the 3 pointer and shoot, the percentage for that was decreased. I’m quite happy with it now. And they also tweaked it so people that don’t have good shooting “jimmy butler for example”, could still make shots if he was completely open and shot it with a good release, so yeah i love the new patch.

      • 49ersfan1

        i agree. im just pissed off with the reach-in fouls cuz sometimes u press X by accident or by rage and get fouled out….

  • so this means plays can automatically come up in mycareer?

  • All this stuff and yet they still don’t know what an assist is. If I pass to the post and the guy faces up and knocks down a jumper, that is an assist. Why can’t they get this correct???

  • Anthony Dixon

    still can’t block dunks smh…. other than that its cool

  • Wow after this patch stealing is impossible, every damn swipe is a reach in foul. wth.. smh.

    • Bon

      Instead of swiping, you can…….anticipate the pass and get a steal or…….use someone with “Active Hands.”

      • boring

        Danny B was exposed. Lol

    • PR1MO

      Danny B, I’m with u. I don’t swipe at d ball often but when I do even with my SG wich has a 98 steal rating they automatically call a reach in foul. Now I understand if I just kept swiping at d ball like 2 or 3 times in a row but just once nd almost every time it’s a foul. They tuned it way too much. They need to fix it, it’s little ridiculous.

  • Wow, I can’t believe all the whiny babies posting. lol. Spoiled generation indeed.

    • nabb

      Its not spoiled to expect the product you paid for to work properly. What a ridiculous thing to say.

  • Yaky Ibia

    I’m happy with the patch. Offensive rebounding and the my career all star glitch were the only things that were bugging me. Not that they are fixed I am happy. Plus now that I am able to call plays its so easy to dismantle the CPU.

  • wish they would patch it so that u cud use the 2k12 controls instead of this junk

  • emrjr

    3 pointers were tuned down too much. I played an online game last night against some guy who started to sit in a 2-3 zone. I couldn’t make an open 3 to save my life.

  • m.dedj

    can anybody help me with how to block a dunk ?
    for once in my life i wanna see someone like air congo actually stuff someone when going hard at the rim

  • Splaash!!

    It doesn’t fucking matter what you do. I’m 99 overrall and everything, GED I anticipate passes but when I swipe once with 99 everything its a foul?!?! That’s bullshit and 2k fixed a game that was broken except for the (euro step glitch/The All-Star break my player weekend/& when you can’t block shots). I have dead eye and everything I stepback no defender there great timing and I miss??? Fix this garbage ass game.

    • Splassh!!!!

      Every pass I anticipate*** Can’t stand fucking auto correct.

  • Mwar

    where do i get the patch?

  • Is anyone else having a problem making threes after this patch? I use to make them a lot

    • SharksBreath

      They are turned down. Thankfully. Right along with the steals.

  • what about holiday graphics? Do they have them?