EA Sports UFC Won’t Be Limited to Consoles

Posted November 29th, 2012 at 10:15 am

Given that it is still somewhat early in its development stage there isn’t a whole lot to go on for EA Sports UFC. The company picked up the license from struggling THQ back in June and there have been indications they may roll out the first iteration in 2013. The series is being made out of the EA Canada studio with the Fight Night team handling development and there is a strong likelihood that the new women’s division will factor in.

Through an IGN interview of EA Sports VP Andrew Wilson Now some other news relating to the property has surfaced. 

We’re very excited about that deal but the reality is, you know, right now I’m touring up not just one development team, I’m touring up a whole series of teams. The team that’s gonna build the core engine. The team that’s gonna build features for console, features for PC, features for mobile phone. The team that’s gonna run a live service that connects UFC fans to the broadcasts and the Pay-per-view events; connect you with what’s going on in the fight world. It’s a very big challenge for us, taking on new stuff.

The “live service that connects UFC fans to broadcasts and pay-per-view” sounds an awful lot like what is already present on the 360 with the UFC on Xbox Live app but obviously there may be unique features tying that content in to the actual game.

With the license in tow it was fully expected that EA would not just produce a console game but also extend out with mobile and social offerings. It would be somewhat of a surprise however if EA were to put out UFC on the PC given that they’ve almost completely abandoned that space when it comes to sports games. It may very well be that “features for PC” actually is in reference to something more along the lines of a Facebook game than a port of the console offering.

  • p daddy

    one of EA’s biggest issues right now is their neglect of pc users. They could garner millions of more sales if they just released their games on pc too

  • jake

    Definitely interested in what EA does with UFC. THQ had some good games but they couldnt support it the way it needed to be.

  • Hello

    Waiting for Keith’s obligatory response for this being a desperate attempt EA to blah blah blah

    • Keith.

      You can belittle me all you want. Just because you may be happy with the football games we’ve gotten these last 8 years, doesn’t mean the rest of us should just continue to bend over and take it up the a$$.

      As for UFC, I could care less which is why I was staying out of this thread until your post.

      • Hello

        I think EA’s football game is sub-par…but your unwavering ball sucking of 2k sports basketball game is a little disturbing for someone claiming they arent a real basketball fan…n 2k sports will be just as bad as EA if they ever become as successful