Teaser Trailer for MLB 13: The Show

Posted January 3rd, 2013 at 1:30 pm


SCEA has released the debut trailer for MLB 13: The Show which features highlights of the seven players who are eligible to win the honor of becoming the cover athlete. The voting for the cover is set to begin next Monday.

Though the point of the teaser trailer isn’t to provide info on the game – which is known to have new Beginnner and Playoff modes among other upgrades – there are a few flashes meant to be examined by viewers. The Uniform Editor, setup for Playoff mode, sim/management display, and the Universal Profile all make appearances. Continue on for the video and leave any observations in the comments!

  • OrrO

    Theyre not fooling me again with trailers and a huge fact sheet. Tired of buying a game thats practically the exact same every year and with garbage online.

    • Ya but unlike games like Madden, their gameplay is actually good, so they dont have to change it every year.

      • Amen_Ra

        Spoken like a true simp…

    • Amen_Ra

      Agreed! This game has been riding high off the “gameplay” for too long. It’s time for this game to show improvement or be relegated to Madden status

    • sco

      I thought I’d never say this, but I agree.

  • Keith.

    Looks awesome (again). Can’t wait to pick up both the PS3 and Vita versions on March 6th — and to a lesser extent, the release of the Fact Sheet tomorrow.

  • iT4

    Super boring baseball game is still super boring every year. Not really unexpected.

  • clubguru

    looks so awesome but i know after 20 games it will be as boring as ever.

  • HustlinOwl


  • groonge

    damn lame trailer. when are they gonna show if they actually innovated or improved things?

  • Davor

    Considering how Bautista is in the trailer but not available to vote for, can we assume the Cdn cover is going to feature him again? But for the US cover, you gotta go with Buster Posey from the World Champion San Francisco Giants.

  • mcmax3000

    I’m telling myself now that I won’t buy it, since I’ve bought the Show the past three years, and can really stand to take a break, but I’m sure come closer to launch, I’ll probably cave in & get it, since it’s easily the sports game I play most each year.

    • AndyMP

      That’s the point. Calling for “improvements” as some users are is fine but when it’s already the best sports game out there, tough to see where those improvements can be made. Not saying it’s perfect, but near damn.

      • Tom

        While the gameplay is great for a simulation video game for a sport as
        variable as baseball, it’s far from perfect and I would hope that they
        are still willing to tweak some things. For example, computers don’t
        chase enough. The team with the lowest % of pitches outside the strike
        zone that they chased was the Indians with 27%. Computers and humans
        swing and miss too much. The team with the lowest contact% in 2012 was
        the Nationals who made contact on “only” 77.1% of their swings.
        Computers and humans don’t make enough contact against pitches out of
        the zone. The team with the lowest contact % against pitches out of the
        zone was the Astros with still 62.5%.

        Pitching could also be better. Pitchers have too little breaking
        ball control compared to their fastball control. Pitcher’s control
        doesn’t change much between innings. In real life, a pitcher can be
        cruising and then just lose control for awhile. Most importantly, I
        dont think there is a perfect balance between being able to throw
        strikes but still not being able to throw your pitches at the corners
        every time. It seems pitchers can either hit their corners and walk
        nobody, throw strikes but its near the heart of the plate 2 out of 3
        strikes, or can’t throw strikes consistently at all.

        I still think the Show is a great game, but I would love to see it
        make some final gameplay adjustments to make it even more realistic.

  • GKage

    Im so excited. They showed hitting and throwing….awesome >_>

  • sco

    This is the first year since The Show series came out that I am seriously considering NOT buying the game until I see something WORTHWHILE on the fact sheet such as new celebration presentations, revamped franchise, drastically better commentary, etc.

    I love this series and have been buying it since 2006 on the ps2, but it’s been literally the same shit the last couple years and we have had the same lame commentary and celebrations for the last 5 years. I need to see something that will make me want to buy this game.

  • theshowman85

    I could’ve made this trailer with my mlb12 the show…. i did not see anything compelling here… if i want updated rosters i can either update it myself or find some file guru on Google who’s already done it for me…the game is the same i like it but come on im not spending 60 bucks for a recycled game i dont care if its going to have the new playoff rules (which suck) Sony give us new animations (i played baseball ill be a motion capture model for cheap if you need lol) fix the glitches, franchise free agent logic needs to be addressed and TESTED!, fix hof inductees in franchise, give us more options and consequences being an owner, bring back the ability to change ownership of teams i dont like controlling making every team a user team, make the road to the show more interesting ie manager interactions actually carry weight in your career let us BE the player we want to play and live out a career i want emotion!! I could go on and on but that would be pointless because more than likely my post will go unnoticed by anyone with influence on this game…very frustrating!!!!

    • mcmax3000

      It’s a teaser trailer. It’s meant to tease. It’s not meant to show off anything substantial.

      Whether or not the substantial stuff ends up being there remains to be seen, but if you were expecting to see anything of note in the first teaser trailer, you really should adjust your expectations.

      • DillionUCD

        go play the show 08 besides graphics, a few animation tweaks and roster updates has the game really made any significant changes to warrant another purchase?

        • mcmax3000

          I would argue that 11 changed pretty significantly with the addition of analog controls, but otherwise, I’m not disputing your point.

          I’m just saying that looking to a teaser trailer for significant changes is a mistake. That’s not the point of one.

  • Vas169


  • Nicolas

    Very disappointed with the animations, especially the catchers. The gears that the catchers are wearing are too big, too old, and their animations too limited.

    The other problem is the rigid animations and the lack of response (and urgency) of the animation engine getting caught in a sequence.

  • sco

    People also need to realize, including myself, that this dev team can only max out the ps3 so much more than they already have. Wait until the PS4 drops… everyone will be shitting their pants when they see what these developers can do with more space 🙂

  • vdfbhsfgh

    i will definitely be pirating this game. 🙂

  • juan

    Same friggin game every year. Online still blows, blue jays colors are still wrong, nothing new. Add the wbc!!!