Part Three of Player Face Comparisons Between MLB 13: The Show and MLB 2K13

Posted April 5th, 2013 at 11:45 am

With baseball one of the last remaining sports that have competition – whether that continues to be the case in 2014 is up in the air at this point – the player face comparison between the two games has been one of the most popular features of the spring the last few years. The Show has won out in all three battles: 21-6 margin in 2012, 14-6 in 2011, and 11-8-1 in 2010.

For 2013 the set of faces has been expanded to 40. If you haven’t already make sure to vote for the better faces that went up earlier in the first set and the second set.  Here are the final 14 to vote on – results and analysis will be posted next week. 

*All sets of images feature 2K13 on the left and The Show on the right. Some have felt it would be better not to state which was which, but the visual styles of the games give that away regardless. Vote in the polls below!















  • BenN

    Had to vote for a few 2K faces this time. Still not even close on the rest.

  • I couldn’t stop laughing at 2K’s Yu Darvish.

  • 2k Verlander gets my first 2k vote. 1/30 is about right since he was their coverboy last year. LOL at 2k Mccutchen, wtf is that.

  • 2k looks like a PS2 game. Disgraceful…some of the faces in the show are ridiculous but 2K is just pathetic.

  • LOL yu darvish looks funny in 2k13

    • dave travis

      Forget that, the 2k David Ortiz, almost got me in trouble at work looking at that wild pic, lol

  • pirates1fan

    The 2 I have for 2K are Verlander and Kimbrel. The rest, I got the Show.

  • smsixx

    To be fair here I have noticed a few things…

    – The orange color tends to “pop” more on 2k but the blue and white tend to be better on MLB The Show.

    – Looking at these screen shots I have noticed more and more how much better the lighting factor is in MLB The Show…Its quite impressive…The only bad that comes from that is it looks like Dominican or Venezuelan players have very pale skin for their nationality…The skin colors for their 2k counterparts are better…but that does not translate to a better face model or lighting.

    – Both of the Mike Trouts suck…Neither one is close on the eyes.

    – What would make this face comparison contest better, would be to put an actual face shot of each player in the middle of the 2k and Show pictures…I think that this would eliminate the bias that some people have obviously showed.

  • Brock Landers

    3 for 2K. Verly is the ONLY 2K face that has been outstandingly better. That makes I think 6 total for 2K for me.

  • Skopin

    The Show needs to work on their hats. The ones with the curved brims look awful. But the faces themselves are almost all better on the Show’s side. Verlander and Craig Kimbrel are better in 2k. Yu Darvish was actually a split for me. The Show’s looks a little off, almost like he’s angry.

  • bob

    verlander, kimbrel and posey i went 2k. rest go to the show.

  • IMO 2k had the better Verlander and Ryan Braun. Craig Kimbrel on 2k looked SLIGHTLY better to me. The rest I gave to the Show.

    And LOL maybe it’s just me, but The Show’s Buster Posey looks a bit like Ke$ha.

  • James Alba

    Yu Darvish 2k13…Lol. The Kimbrel in the show was just a bad picture taken. he looks much better then the picture gives credit for. But the worst face ive seen goes to the 2K Jose Bautista..its not even remotely close to him at all.

  • Mike

    Hahahahahaha that David Ortiz on the left is TOO FUNNY!! I’m seriously laughing out loud at that thing