Huge Deal on Current-Gen Madden NFL 25 (Deal is Currently Dead)

Posted September 11th, 2013 at 1:15 pm


With Madden NFL 25 struggling to sell, and next-gen just two months away, retailers are looking at ways to move the product. Amazon immediately added a $10 credit that also applied to preorders. Now they have an even better offer and once again it’s especially good for those who plan to upgrade to the Xbox One in November.

The “Shave and Save” deal provides a $20 discount for Madden NFL 25 when buying a Gillette Fusion Proglide razor ($6.64). Considering the original $10 promo credit remains and is credited to the account after shipping and the $50 price, that makes the total package of Madden and the razor essentially $26.64 plus tax.┬áIt’s unclear how long this promotion will run so make sure to jump in ASAP if interested. It could be over in a matter of hours.

Remember that those moving to the Xbox One will be able to trade in Madden NFL 25 by the end of the year for $50 in credit to put towards the One version of the game. Those who planned to wait can now get the 360 game and save $24 for the One which is pretty wild.

[Update] The PS3 version is already gone (at least for the time being).
[Update #2] The 360 price is fluctuating between $50 and $60 now.
[Update #3] Now the razor is out of stock. Which ends the deal. Unless it comes back!

  • Keith.

    Told somebody around here that retailers were going to be desperate to move all of those unsold M25 games out of their warehouses — and it only took 2 weeks to get there.

    The only question is, how low are they going to go?

    What’s next…buy a 6 pack of Charmin toilet paper and get M25 for free? LoL

    • Iown You

      What’s the point when we can just wipe our asses with the M25 booklet?

      • Casor_Greener

        LMAO!!! This was Nice

    • Malik Starks


  • Phil

    Madden 14 is worth $30 to me since I am waiting a year for the new systems, so this might be the one time I buy madden when it gets to around $30

  • rinodino

    Just do what 2K did with baseball…… bundle Madden with FIFA for 60 bucks and call it a day, nobody buying Madden on it’s own.

  • smsixx

    More Madden 25 “deal news”.
    I went to my local Disc Replay store today…Had to laugh when I saw 5 copies of Madden 25 (For PS3) and 6 copies for 360 already available (All priced at 34.99)
    Just to note…Their were no used copies of MLB The Show available (6 months after release). Guy at the counter told me that he had only seen one copy turned in…which sold the same day.

  • MCjedi1

    It’s not worth the NFL 2k5 price of $19.99. All they can do at this point is just patch the damn thing and move on.

  • Anthony Suriano

    They’ll just package Madden with another sharp object so you can cut up the disc when you get frustrated. The razor really wasn’t meant to be used to shave with.

  • renaissance247

    Last year, Madden 13 was $25 at Walmart on Black Friday, if this one is struggling to sell it might be as well. And if it is I will probably pick it up then.

  • JamesJones

    After playing the demo you couldn’t pay me to play the retail game!

  • Tazdevil20

    Unfortunately, the clowns over there will come up with some other excuse as to why it’s not selling. Tiburon is really bad at developing games, but they are AWESOME at excuse making. Madden is permanently broken, and if there was ever a great opportunity for another company to come in and make a kick ass NFL product and deliver a knock out punch, it’s now. Let’s just see if the NFL will pull their collective heads out of their asses. It’s amazing to me how EA/Tiburon blew such a great opportunity to seize the football gaming market forever. If they could just release a polished, professional, quality product. The number of bugs in M25 are just as astounding as M13. The twitchy, silly looking player movement, no penalties, terrible ball physics, idiotic player AI and awareness… The list goes on of legacy issues. Hell – even Ian Cummings admitted that Madden is a mess.

    A year ago, I would never have said this, but now I am actually starting to believe that the house of cards is beginning to tumble. Tiburon’s programmers are not good. Sorry – not trying to be a jerk, not trying to attack personally, but I’m calling it as i see it. The guys who write the actual code (not necessarily the designers), but the coders are amateurs. There is evidence of extreme laziness, lack of polish and attention to detail and the simple inability to implement things that other developers have done on inferior hardware with 10 times fewer resources and money.

    Note to Tiburon – No matter how many licenses you buy up, no matter how much money you sink into marketing and flashy buzzwords, no matter how many copies you think you will sell – you guys get to go home each night having to deal with the fact that a fledgling developer like Visual Concepts out did your entire next gen product in less than 5 years on grossly inferior hardware. 2k5 and APF STILL light years better than Madden.


  • buckeyeboi

    I went to Target last night and they’re selling Madden 25 for $49.99 right now.