End of Year Community Awards: Best Franchise Mode of 2013

Posted December 27th, 2013 at 10:45 am

The year-in-review process continues with another category to vote for in the Community Awards. Best Franchise Mode has been won by the Madden series for the past two years. It’ll face a challenge from NCAA Football 14 and NHL 14. Continue on for the summaries of each, to vote in the poll, and leave any thoughts in the comments! 

Connected Franchise (Madden NFL 25)
EA Sports took the foundation from the previous year having revolutionized the Franchise mode and added a new path other than coach or player – controlling operations as the owner. That includes setting prices on concessions items and merchandise, hiring and firing staff, renovating stadiums, building new stadiums, or relocating teams to other markets. Even Levi’s Stadium, which opens for the 49ers next season, appears in the second year. Online Franchises can still include up to 32 owners and all features were present on both console generations.

GM Connected (NHL 14)
After a promising first attempt at the massively multiplayer (can house up to 750 people in the various roles!) mode in NHL 13, which was harmed by constant server connections that slowed navigation enough to turn some people away from it completely, NHL 14 ironed out the kinks and delivered with the compelling Franchise mode. Improvements were also made to GM progression, player development, and trade AI.

Dynasty (NCAA Football 14)
Dynasty mode took a more streamlined and straight-forward approach by making the recruiting process simpler and far less tedious. Skill Trees for coaches was a strong addition allowing for a more personalized experience by focusing on a choice between gaining advantages on the field or in recruiting. Presentation touches like the ESPN Ticker and new halftime show did a good job of connecting with events taking place around the nation and neutral site games were long overdue. Online Dynasty remained reliable and lots of fun.

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  • Jackson

    Voted for Dynasty. The recruiting additions made it way better.

  • jr

    I’ll go with madden connected careers.

  • smsixx

    Are these seriously my 3 options for “best franchise mode”?
    Because other then The fact that yearly salary numbers are off with a lot of players in MLB The Show…That is hands down the deepest and most realistic franchise mode of any sports game that is around right now

    • pacoheadley

      Are you kidding me? You mean the game with almost no stat tracking in the sport where stats mean the most? The game where players have extremely predictable aging curves? The one where players start full seasons for CPU teams with a 6.50 ERA and still keep their job next year? The one where players occasionally retire at 35 or 36 when they are still productive?
      The Show is an INCREDIBLE game on the field, but the Franchise mode is a joke if you want something realistic and engaging.

    • Casor_Greener

      No newspaper (why did they remove it), CPU piss poor signing, no ticker prices or promotions, etc. Mode is rather bland

  • Nate F

    No FIFA manager career?


    no MLB the show as a choice? Everything you mentioned about Madden CFM is on 12 the show for vita

  • MBird

    Glad to see EA has a horse in this race, can I at least vote for none of the above?

  • Luke Randazzo

    Hey pasta, why did you not consider Fifa 14’s manager mode? It is a fantastic mode and the ability to manage an international squad along with your original squad is awesome. Plus the new scouting features added this year really make you think about building for the future.

    • Was a tough call on the 3rd and final spot between FIFA and NHL. Definitely some good stuff with FIFA’s this year too.

      • Luke Randazzo

        I hear you there, the NHL series is very consistent when it comes to quality.

  • Keith.

    What? No nomination for NBA Live? LoL

    Just saw the newest vgchartz data which shows that, after 3 weeks of release, Live has sold a grand total of 28,000 units on PS4 here in the U.S. and another 27,000 units total on XBone. Yikes! With those numbers, I’m not sure how they’re even keeping the lights on at this point.

    • Stew

      Oh Keith. Even when NBA live is not mentioned you still come out from your troll cave to complain about it. For not liking the game you sure spend a lot of your time reading up on it. You know more about it than most people who bought it.

    • jr

      Yet NBA 2k is completely broken from top to bottom. Looks good though. I feel so sorry for you

    • CSaint

      Keith 2k has been so bad to me that i resorted in getting NBA Live…. Stop trashing other basketball games when your favorite one is ass

    • Bieberkinz

      I wonder what your OS handle is… Cause based off what you say here, you would get banned in 5 seconds. Cause you seem to browse OS a lot for these 2K “fixes,” but I don’t know how you miss the complaints over there for 2K or go out randomly trash EA on OS

  • I mentioned it briefly after the patch came out. But not sure the conditions that are causing it cause not everyone is seeing that.