Your MLB 14: The Show Purchase Plans

Posted February 18th, 2014 at 2:15 pm


Information on MLB 14: The Show finally arrived with the full features list having been laid out to examine and the release dates having been set for the PS3 and Vita with a general idea of when to expect the PS4 version.

The PS4 being pushed back for what could be almost two months from the other two platforms – which already arrive a month later than the typical year – could make purchase decisions more complicated for consumers. Those who got rid of their PS3 will simply have to wait, however anyone who has both consoles faces a decision between buying what is essentially the same game feature wise (graphics and other technical advancements separating them) twice or choosing one over the other which means sacrificing either quality or time. This is a topic that will be discussed soon on a segment of the Press Row Hangout!

So at the moment what are your plans in regards to MLB 14: The Show? Vote in the poll and leave any thoughts in the comments!

  • diabloBX

    We know they can save year to year, but if I buy PS3 version this year, will it transfer to This years PS4 version? If so I’m buying both versions!

    • I believe the answer to that is yes. Saves transfer across PS3-Vita-PS4 so you would be able to pick up where you left off.

      • Lion-Cub

        THANKS PASTA! IF this is true then the OP Sports Rosters should be done just in time for the PS4 release and I will be in Franchise Mode heaven from the end of May til the game becomes stale. Occasionally playing ROAD to the show will be the closest i come to leaving the house in that interval of time.

  • ReelBigMike

    This game and InFamous: Second Son are the reasons that I’m getting a PS4 to go along side my X1 next month.

  • Michael T DeNight

    For me it’ll really depend on whether or not Remote Play works well, without latency, and without too much reliance on the back touchpad (which made NBA 2K14 and Madden 25 unplayable on Remote Play). If it’s wonky, I’ll buy the Vita version as well. But for now, it’s looking like just the PS4 version for me.

  • fantasyboi

    I am buying the PS3 version and probably spending the whole month of April really putting in serious work putting in all prospects and ratings to them accurate considering this is probably the last time we’ll need to do so! I am going to buy the PS4 and PS4 version whenever I am simply ready for that but I am going to be in no rush to get the PS4 since the cloud is available for the PS3

  • Anthony Suriano

    The smart thing for me to do would be to rent the PS3 version from Gamefly, and then send it back when the PS4 version comes out, which I’ll buy. But, by the time Gamefly sends it to me, it’ll probably be a week or two after release day, and I have a tendency to want to play new games (especially sports) the minute they come out. So, if I can’t contain myself, I’ll buy the PS3 version then trade it at Gamestop when the PS4 version comes out, which may get me close to half off the PS4 game. I wish Sony offered an upgrade similar to what EA did for Madden and FIFA.

  • triguous

    Would buy PS3 version if I could get PS4 version a month later for $10 upgrade fee. Without that, it’s PS4 only. In May…

  • Ray D

    Definitely getting this for PS4! Early contender for Sports Game of the Year, imo.

  • nor cal voodoo

    cant wait to get down on mlb14 the show for the ps4.

  • cepwin

    I’m with a lot of folks here. I’m leaning towards getting the PS3 version and trading it in for the PS4 version when it comes out.since it’s 4-8 weeks later and I’ll need time to practice. (I’ve actually been doing some practice on MLB 13.) What I’m really hoping for is Sony will provide an upgrade program

  • Jason Lewon

    hope there’s a demo unlike last year

  • HustlinOwl

    Considering most of my time is online/leagues and franchise this year will be waiting for PS4

  • Scottyo614

    I don’t have a ps3 or Vita so it has to be only PS4. This was one of the reasons I bought a ps4 instead of XBOX

  • buckeye2128

    pasta rules!!!! yeah I said it!

  • ChicagoBear

    I think im taking the year out. I wont be picking up the PS4 until there’s more games out to merit the purchase. Also from the early videos there doesnt seem like much change over 13. I got stung with NBA 2K14 so think this years Show will be missed and i’ll pop 15 when it comes out next year.

  • Dylan Williams

    Even though we have to wait until May, I appreciate the extra time and effort into making the PS4 entry version the best it can be.

  • Ratrodshaggy

    Is it possible to transfer player from the show 13 to the show 14 on ps3?