Top Receivers, Tight Ends, Offensive Lineman and Defensive Ends in Madden NFL 15

Posted July 26th, 2014 at 11:30 am


EA Sports has continued to roll out ratings for the five highest players at each position in Madden NFL 15. After revealing the best of the rookies, the company followed up with quarterbacks and running backs, and have since moved on to ratings for the best of the wide receivers, tight ends, offensive lineman, and defensive ends.

Wide Receiver
Calvin Johnson (99), Brandon Marshall (96), Andre Johnson (95), A.J. Green (95), Dez Bryant (94)

Tight End
Jimmy Graham (97), Rob Gronkowski (96), Vernon Davis (94), Jason Witten (93), Greg Olsen (88)

Offensive Line
Joe Thomas (98), Evan Mathis (97), Josh Sitton (97), Trent Williams (95), Joe Staley (94)

Defensive End
J.J. Watt (99), Robert Quinn (97), Cameron Wake (96), Calais Campbell (96), Cameron Jordan (93), Muhammad Wilkerson (93)

  • kris

    I don’t know why Charles Clay isn’t in top of TEs, he was in the top 100 in 2013 and Olsen wasn’t and Clay was 89th and witten was 98th. -_-

    • tedmosby

      that list is ridiculous. it’s a popularity contest.

  • alex

    As a Wisconsin homer, I will go ahead and point out that Joe Thomas and JJ Watt are both Badgers 🙂 Also nice to see Josh Sitton get the recognition he deserves.

  • xCoAxRoBz

    Charles clay deserves to be higher than Greg olsen

  • Khadeem

    So trent williams is all of a sudden better than jason peters…last thing I remember trent williams is aldon smith embarrassing him on monday night football..Peters definitely should be rated higher

  • PancakePatterson

    I guess they took Josh Gordon off the game because there is no way he isn’t a Top 5 receiver.

    • Rare gucci belt

      Josh Gordon is a moron but i agree.He led the nfl in recieving yards in his rookie season for pete sake

      • dhall

        It wasn’t his rookie season. 2nd year. And, he’s not a moron, he clearly needs help…And, we’ll give it to him. Did people call Cris Carter a moron?

    • JJ

      He’ll become a top 5 receiver in prison.

  • Dre2778

    After hardly playing Gronkowski should only be rated in the mid to low 80’s instead of the 2nd best TE for this season. Granted he is a beast but guy rarely played the past few seasons.

  • JJ

    Megatron should be 98, followed by AJ Green and Bryant at 96.

    Gronk and Olsen a bit lower.

    Trent Williams 98 and Mathis and Sitton a bit lower.

    JJ Watt 98 followed by Quinn and Mo Wilk at 96.

  • James Alba

    Wilkerson needs to be higher. Had a more productive season than JJ Watt (Not saying he’s better than Watt but just comparing numbers). Anywhere from 95-97 would make more sense

    • Khadeem

      Numbers arent all that matter…especially on the line

  • It’s possible they didn’t promote him because of the legal issues/possible suspensions. Same with Josh Gordon.

    • Timmy B Winning

      I jokingly mentioned that on the Panthers Facebook page…I didn’t want to be correct though lol. Thanks Pasta.

  • King Nilla

    Every year Donnie Moore finds a way to screw something up. Most of the ratings I’ve seen so far are so bad. I can’t take this game serious anymore