Madden NFL 15 Stream All About Recent Connected Franchise Mode News

Posted August 9th, 2014 at 9:15 am


Late in the week EA Sports held a live stream to go over Connected Franchise in Madden NFL 15 which comes on the heels of fairly successful streams focused on gameplay and presentation. This one for Franchise acts more as a summary of all the details that were released than an expansion on them, and important areas like the Draft are curiously skipped by, but there is also opportunity to see more gameplay and Franchise-specific presentation which hasn’t been talked about as much as it probably should have been.

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  • Buddy Milkshake

    I love how they keep talking about the defensive player lock camera as some new thing (“next-gen feel” 1:00:00). It’s only been in NCAA for years.

  • Looking forward to it surely but I wouldn’t describe it as excitement.

    • Trey Warner

      Why? It looks far better than the last few Maddens.

    • Keith.

      I’ve watched the 3 streams and seriously feel like I’ve seen all the animations there are to see. With The Show and NBA 2K, I’ve played hundreds of games and still see new stuff all the time.

  • Cutler23

    Disappointed the sports ticker was neglected again this yr.

  • guest

    I hope they have more realistic stats and progression of players in franchise mode

  • Keith.

    I watched this at the office on Friday and seriously fell asleep when they were simulating the season. Better have some Red Bull nearby if you’re gonna do that.

    Loved how the questions (softballs) they answered were from Game Changera SimFBcritic and D-Hiatus, and Madden SuperFan jpdavis. What a joke.

    • Trey Warner

      Ok Keith, we know you will never buy a Madden game anyways soooo who cares.

    • swimfunk

      I do have to agree with you there, it was lame how they answered those questions from obvious EA guys

  • nad714

    is this all next gen exclusive content?

    • Trey Warner

      Doubt it

  • little britches

    Sure would like to have control back. I liked being able to watch or play any game during my franchise, if I was wanting a break mid game I could let the CPU vs CPU finish out a game. OR I like to watch other games that might be a good matchup. They took out all the CPU/CPU stuff. EA, two steps forward, 5 steps back. Every year.

  • Hire me EA, I’ll fix your game

    Little things are just keeping me from getting into this game. After one year you had teams completely roll out new rosters for whatever reasons. They say there will be more trading? That’s realistic. Part of the problem is their poor rating system. Too many big name free agents.

    They tout seeing alternate uniforms when in reality teams are largely prevented from using alternates (helmet rule). I’m willing to bet you can’t make formation subs outside of the game, which is a travesty. They don’t care about special teams, especially long snapping. There are more long snappers than full backs, yet I’m required to have a full back on my roster and long snappers don’t even have their own position or rating. I bet the preseason playtime logic is the same, so no 3rd or 4th stringers get play. I guarantee there is no realistic penalty system (pass interference being the most notably absent).

    It’s the same problems every year. So much is easily fixable. EA Sports doesn’t care about the details at all. Have punters be the default holder. I cringe every time I see Michael Vick or Blake Bortles holding. It just looks bad. Lack of imported or editable draft classes kill any chance the game had for me. It’s sad because it looks beautiful, and they’ve incorporated a lot of improvements. They just don’t seem to have anyone who cares about realistic details of the NFL.

  • MBird

    Absolutely hate the tile layout, which was also one of the few things I disliked about The Show 14.

  • The Great Leon

    Seems like stuff that has been done before or should have been in the game already.

  • As far as I know, should be almost the exact same thing. With the exception like you said of online elements (other people joining, the website where you can view stats and such)

  • Guywholikesmadden

    will all this stuff be on xbox 360/ps3?

  • Alexander1000

    I have one issue i have found that i would like some insight on… I probably play madden more than 90% of people i know, like alllll the time and i still cant figure this out… I have skipped to the end of year one to see how sims stats were this year, and when the off season comes, i cant resign any players or get new free agents because of low funds. I did this with all 32 teams with the same result. I mostly like to use crap teams to build up and i thought losing might be the issue but i had made it to the superbowl with the Saints, 49ers, Broncos, and Philly but nothing changed