Details on MLB The Show 17’s sixth patch

Posted June 9th, 2017 at 8:00 am

Work continues to try and fix various issues with MLB The Show 17 besides its continued server struggles. Earlier updates to MLB 17 delivered adjustments to AI manager decision-makingfixes for gameplay and presentationthe initial improvements made to gameplaymiscellaneous changes, plus a few early online and uniform fixes.

The sixth post-release patch went out today and includes the removal of the broken PCI indicator from the pitching side of the equation and a resolution so Challenge of the Week mode can make a return after its recent hiatus. 

Online Specific Gameplay
♦Fixed number of issues that could result in soft hang during a game including pickoffs, throws to unoccupied bases, and pitches in the dirt.
♦Adjustments made to eliminate an occasional pitch that would cause the ball to change direction in midflight, resulting in strikes being called balls and vice versa.
♦Swing analysis will no longer show your opponent’s plate coverage indicator when you are pitching. The PCI location was incorrect and this removal is intended to clear up some of the confusion it was causing.
♦Fixed exploit in Challenge of the Week allowing users to record extremely high scores.

♦Fixed an issue where Team Epic Mission stats and wins would not track after completing a Play with Friends game and then entering into a Play vs CPU game.
♦Corrected minor issues with various Universal Profile achievements.
♦Addressed issues with Universal Profile name plates and icons.
♦Various other minor bug fixes and adjustments throughout the game.

  • Keith.

    Good to see the COTW changes — #$%@ing cheaters!

  • Mike Cohen

    Why release a game when all these bugs are present that’s why red dead redemption is releasing at a later date.

    • Just a guy

      1) You have no idea how game development works, do you?

      2) RDR2 is releasing at a later date because ALL Rockstar games get delayed.

    • Zach

      Can’t wait for that game along with Crash Bandicoot Remaster

  • ben

    still nothing to fix broken hitting, wild pitches, servers, ect. lol instead of fixing the PCI they just take it out? what a disaster the show was this year.

    • kevin

      but we got better faces!!!!!!!!! rofl

    • Zach

      They always focus on fixing the wrong aspects of the game. Patches that fix online gameplay really doesn’t affect me one bit. I really wanted them to patch the offline gameplay