End of Year Community Awards: Best Post-Release Support of 2017

Posted January 3rd, 2018 at 2:15 pm

With 2017 having come to a close we look back on the developments that have taken place and acknowledge the various efforts in sports gaming. The next category in the annual Community Awards is open for voting. You can check out the winners from previous years here.

Best GameplayBest Career/Story ModeBest Franchise ModeBest Team-Building ModeBest Presentation and Best Online Play can already be voted on! Categories still to come include Sports Game of the Year, Best New or Non-Yearly Sports Game, Best Mobile Game, Best Racing Game, and Best New Feature. All winners announced later in the month.

The games nominated for Best Post-Release Support have gone above and beyond the typical consumer expectation of simply receiving various improvements and fixes by also delivering consistent content updates and even brand new ways to play.

Madden NFL 18 goes for three wins in a row for the franchise after a series of patches that have improved gameplay and added features plus regular reliable roster updates and continuous new content within Ultimate Team. Rocket League makes yet another run at the award having finished as the runner-up in 2016. The game has been kept remarkably fresh through new features, arenas, items, and game modes. NBA Playgrounds debuts having added 128 players to the roster since it came out in May along with more courts/tournaments while making a number of valuable changes to the game based on consumer feedback.

  • Smsixx

    What exactly does Madden bring in “post release support” aside from…

    1. A high number of patches that fix one thing and break another.

    2. A weekly roster update where the awareness attribute is tweaked to make a overall number higher or lower for a player, none of which effects gameplay.

    3. Adding new cards to their slot machine game (MUT).

    Anyone here got anything???

    • Just off the top of my head as examples they added Audibles on the Fly, Squads Seasons in MUT Squads, a bunch of new player abilities in MUT, over 100 player likenesses

      I personally don’t think the resume is quite as strong for M18 as it was for some of the past years but can’t discount the effort that has gone into adding things that didn’t necessarily have to be added post-release.

    • MoneyMayweather

      are you that bitter ass dude on Youtube named Ryan Moody?

    • NELL86

      Sound like you describing 2k also

  • ClubSteve

    rocket league without a doubt…..