EASportsWorld.com has gone live

Posted July 13th, 2007 at 7:21 pm


Update 8/28: An updated article on EA Sports World and the problems people are facing with the site can be found by clicking here.

Update 8/30: News on EA’s response to the problems with the site can be found here.

The website EA has set up to host the screenshots and video clips from NCAA Football has just gone live. The address is http://www.easportsworld.com

I haven’t gotten a chance to really go through the site, but it seems to offer more than just the ability to view and download those. It looks like you can add friends and leave comments on their profiles among other things I have yet to discover.

I have a few pics and videos on there, nothing extraordinary though. I have been recording to my PC for the highlight videos so I only put a few up to test out now that this site is up. Later tonight or tomorrow I’ll get some better ones on to this site for people to check out. Here is the link to my page.