Details on the latest Madden 08 roster update

Posted September 7th, 2007 at 3:27 pm

Madden 08 Chad Johnson

Here is a complete list of all the changes that have taken place with the latest roster update that was released for Madden 08 early on 9/7.

Details on all roster updates released throughout the year can be found here.

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September 7th

Roster Update – Next Gen



Added CB Trumaine McBride

Added CB Corey Graham

Released QB Chris Leak

DE Ban Bazuin placed on IR



Added SS Nedu Ndukwe

Added TE Daniel Coats

Added QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (traded from Rams)

Released QB Doug Johnson

Added MLB Anthony Schlegel

Released LB Ed Hartwell

Added LB Lemar Marshall

Released DT Kenderick Allen



Released QB Craig Nall

Released TE Brad Cieslak

Released HB Shaud Williams

Added HB Josh Scobey



Added DT Amon Gordon

Released DT Jimmy Kennedy

Added DE Simeon Rice

Added FS Hamza Abdullah

Added FB Paul Smith

Released FB Kyle Johnson

Added LB Wesly Mallard

Added WR Brian Clark

Added WR Domenik Hixon

Released WR David Kircus

Released FS Quentin Harris

Released WR Quincy Morgan



Released DT Babatunde Oshinowo

Released WR Syndric Steptoe

Released HB Chris Barclay



Added CB Anthony Madison

Released CB Alan Zemaitis

Added DT Jovan Haye

Added DT Greg Peterson

Released DT Ellis Wyms

Released HB Kenneth Darby

Added MLB Jeremiah Trotter

Added QB Luke McNown

Added LB Adam Hayward

Added RT Chris Denman

Released LB Jamie Winborn

Released WR Mark Jones



Added DE Chris Cooper

Added DE Quentin Moses

Added S Oliver Celestin

Added TE Tim Euhus

Released TE Ben Patrick

Released WR LeRon McCoy

Released WR Michael Spurlock

Released LB Buster Davis



Added LT Jeromey Clary

Added LB Tim Dobbins

Released S Bhawoh Jue

Released T Cory Lekkerkerker

Released WR Greg Camarillo



Added CB Dimitri Patterson

Added CB Tyron Brackenridge

Added CB Rashad Barksdale

Added QB Tyler Thigpen

Released QB Casey Printers

Released WR Chris Hannon

Released LB Rich Scanlon

Released DE Michael Heard



Added CB Michael Coe

Added LT Daniel Federkeil

Added LB Clint Session

Released HB Clifton Dawson

Released DE Bo Schobel

Released DE Ryan LaCasse



Released CB Aaron Glenn

Released S Abram Elam

Added LB Justin Rogers

Added FB Deon Anderson

Released FB Lousaka Polite

Released TE Adam Bergen



Added C Gene Mruczkowski

Added MLB Kelvin Smith

Added T Cory Lekkerkerker

Added WR Greg Camarillo

Released TE Courtney Anderson

Released LB Robert McCune

Released WR P.K. Sam

Released WR Az-Zahir Hakim

Released FB Cory Schlesinger



Added DT Kimo von Oelhoffen

Added FS J.R. Reed

Added MLB Pago Togafau

Added P Saverio Rocca

Released CB Rashad Barksdale

Released WR Jeremy Bloom

Released FS C.J. Gaddis



Added DT Montavious Stanley

Added DT Trey Lewis

Added HB Artose Pinner

Released G P.J. Alexander

Released CB Allen Rossum

Released DE Paul Carrington

Removed QB Michael Vick (Suspended)



Added CB Tarell Brown

Released DT Sam Rayburn

Released WR Bryan Gilmore



Added FS Michael Johnson

Added G Kevin Boothe

Added S Craig Dahl

Added WR Anthony Mix



Released FB Derrick Wimbush

Released CB Dee Webb

Removed HB Alvin Pearman (Traded to Seahawks)

Added DE Brian Smith

Removed QB Brian Leftwich

Added G Tutan Reyes

Added LB Brian Iwuh

Added S Chad Nkang

Added WR John Broussard

Added CB Aaron Glenn

Released S Josh Gattis

Released WR Charles Sharon



Added HB Danny Ware

Released DE Bobby Hamilton

Released DT Kimo von Oelfoffen

Released MLB Anthony Schlegel



Added FB Jon Bradley

Added S Eric Frampton

Added LB Johnny Baldwin

Added TE Sean McHugh

Released CB A.J. Davis

Released LB Donte Curry

Released CB Ramzee Robinson

Released DT Cleveland Pinkney

Released TE Darnell Sanders



Released CB Patrick Dendy

Released FB Brandon Miree

Added S Charlie Peprah

Added DT Johnny Jolly

Added LB Desmond Bishop

Released WR David Clowney

Released S Marquand Manuel

Released K Dave Rayner

Released TE Clark Harris



Added CB Dante Wesley

Added HB Alex Haynes

Released HB Eric Shelton

Added LB James Anderson

Added S Marquand Manuel

Added WR Chris Hannon

Released WR Chris Horn

Released DE Dave Ball

Released D’Anthony Batiste

Released CB Christian Morton

Released S CJ Wilson



Added T Wesley Britt

Added T Clint Oldenburg

Added LB Oscar Lua

Added P Chris Hanson

Released WR Reche Caldwell

Released TE Garrett Mills

Released CB Dante Wesley

Released LB Justin Rogers



Added Gerard Warren (Traded from Broncos)

Added FB Oren O’Neal

Released FB Zach Crockett

Released S Donovin Darius

Added DE Chris Clemons

Added DE Jay Richardson

Released G Kevin Boothe

Released WR Alvis Whitted



Released C Dustin Fry

Released DT Keith Jackson

Added DT Cliff Ryan

Added HB Antonio Pittman

Added LB Tim McGarigle

Removed QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (Traded to Bengals)

Added TE Aaron Walker

Released LB Jon Alston



Added WR Devard Darling

Released WR Clarence Moore



Added S Reed Doughty

Added TE Tyler Ecker

Released QB Jordan Palmer

Released WR Corey Bradford



Added DT Antwan Lake

Released HB Antonio Pittman

Added LB Alfred Fincher

Added LB Marvin Mitchell

Released P Chris Hanson

Added TE Ronnie Ghent

Added WR Lance Moore



Released QB David Greene

Added DE Jason Babin (Traded from Texans)

Removed S Michael Boulware (Traded to Texans)

Added T Steve Vallos

Released CB Pete Hunter



Released HB Verron Haynes

Released C Chukky Okobi

Released LB Rian Wallace

Added HB Gary Russell

Added HB Carey Davis

Added DE Nick Eason



Added DT Tony Brown

Released WR Jonathan Orr

Released WR Courtney Roby

Released QB Tim Rattay

Released S Lamont Thompson

Released S Bryan Scott

Added S Calvin Lowry



Added DT Fred Evans

Released QB Tyler Thigpen

Added QB Kelly Holcomb (Traded from Eagles)

Added TE Garrett Mills

Released S Greg Blue

Released HB Ciatrick Fason

Released WR Billy McMullen

Released HB Artose Pinner



Removed DE Jason Babin (Traded to Seahawks)

Added S Michael Boulware (Traded from Seahawks)

Released WR David Anderson

Released WR Bethel Johnson

Released CB Dexter McCleon

Released WR Keenan McCardell

Released HB Wali Lundy

Added CB Dexter Wynn

Added FB Jameel Cook

Added DE Earl Cochran



Ratings Up

  • HB Jerome Harrison – 74 to 77 OVR
  • TE Marcedes Lewis – 80 to 81 OVR
  • WR James Jones – 72 to 75 OVR
  • QB Aaron Rodgers – 76 to 79 OVR
  • WR Jacoby Jones – 69 to 73 OVR
  • QB Tarvaris Jackson – 76 to 77 OVR
  • HB Jesse Chatman – 73 to 77 OVR
  • WR Lance Moore – 65 to 71 OVR
  • WR Terrance Copper – 70 to 76 OVR
  • WR David Patten – 69 to 75 OVR
  • WR Marques Hagans – 67 to 69 OVR
  • H.B. Blades – 66 to 70 OVR
  • DE Patrick Chukwurah – 70 to 77 OVR
  • CB Trumaine McBride – 68 to 70 OVR
  • LB John DiGiorgio – 63 to 67 OVR
  • HB Cecil Sapp – 73 to 75 OVR
  • DE John Engelberger – 76 to 81 OVR
  • HB Adrian Peterson – 85 to 87 OVR
  • WR Calvin Johnson – 87 to 88 OVR
  • DE Jimmy Wilkerson – 75 to 79 OVR
  • DT Tank Tyler – 73 to 76 OVR
  • HB Noah Herron – 73 to 75 OVR
  • DT Kendrick Clancy – 75 to 79 OVR
  • LB Omar Gaither – 78 to 81 OVR
  • CB Eric Green – 75 to 78 OVR
  • LB Calvin Pace – 69 to 70 OVR
  • HB Darren Sproles – 76 to 77 OVR
  • SS Clinton Hart – 70 to 73 OVR
  • WR Vincent Jackson – 79 to 81 OVR
  • S Jarrad Page – 74 to 76 OVR
  • S Bernard Pollard – 80 to 81 OVR
  • T Will Svitek – 67 to 70 OVR
  • DE Darryl Tapp – 77 to 79 OVR
  • S James Butler – 76 to 79 OVR
  • WR Ben Obomanu – 61 to 68 OVR
  • CB Fred Thomas – 76 to 77 OVR
  • FB Ovie Mughelli – 91 to 92 OVR
  • CB Chris Carr – 58 to 65 OVR
  • DT Terdell Sands – 82 to 85 OVR
  • TE Donald Lee – 74 to 77 OVR
  • WR Dennis Northcutt – 74 to 77 OVR
  • HB Derrick Ward – 68 to 72 OVR
  • WR Taylor Jacobs – 68 to 75 OVR
  • WR Bryan Gilmore – 69 to 71 OVR
  • QB Joey Harrington – 76 to 79 OVR
  • WR Jason Avant – 68 to 70 OVR
  • CB Travis Daniels – 77 to 79 OVR
  • LB Kevin Burnett – 75 to 77 OVR



Ratings Down

  • QB Bruce Gradkowski – 72 to 70 OVR
  • G Dan Buenning – 85 to 80 OVR
  • FB Brandon Miree – 80 to 76 OVR
  • DE Bryce Fisher – 84 to 80 OVR
  • S Will Demps – 84 to 81 OVR
  • WR Robert Meachem – 77 to 73 OVR
  • CB Usama Young – 74 to 71 OVR
  • CB Jason David – 80 to 77 OVR
  • DT Justin Harrell – 80 to 78 OVR
  • DeAngelo Hall – 94 to 92 OVR
  • CB John Bowie – 68 to 66 OVR
  • FB Zach Crockett – 82 to 80 OVR
  • WR Dwayne Jarrett – 78 to 77 OVR
  • CB Sam Madison – 87 to 84 OVR
  • LB Joey Porter – 95 to 93 OVR



  • Darrelle Revis – 6 years
  • Ty Warren – 5 years
  • Larry Johnson – 6 years
  • Aaron Schobel – 7 years
  • Seneca Wallace – 4 years



  • Adrian Peterson – Becomes Elusive Back
  • DeAngelo Hall – Loses Shutdown Corner