EA clarifies on Madden 08 franchise fix in upcoming patch

Posted October 29th, 2007 at 2:13 pm

Madden 08

As I suspected the patch for Madden 08 will include a fix to the franchise mode that has been causing people to prematurely end their franchises. Unfortunately this information was apparently cut off from the previous blog posting by EA that detailed what the patch was fixing. How they managed to miss that and take four days to clarify I don’t know, but now everyone can calm down.

In addition to everything mentioned earlier the patch will will address:

Franchise – Fixed bug where the FA pool would run out of certain positions

Online Game Reporting- fixed a number of issues where games weren’t being reported correctly or people weren’t getting the right number of ranking points for a win. This will also make stats more accurate.

EA SPORTS World- Accomplishment ’20 consecutive completions’ not awarded when completions ends up under 100%