NCAA Football 08 gets a patch of its own

Posted October 31st, 2007 at 5:33 pm

NCAA Football 08 Uconn USF

While the upcoming patch for Madden has been looming for a while, there wasn’t much expectation that NCAA Football 08 would receive one as well. Despite that one was released just recently (under the radar) for the PS3 and seems likely to be out for the 360 in the near future. I am hoping to get word on the status of the 360 patch soon. **See update below the summary for the latest news.**

Unfortunately some of the major issues such as the depth chart button lag were not dealt with, however the gameplay will be affected significantly due to the adjustments. Here is what the patch takes care of:

Gameplay: Fumble Chance has been tuned to more realistic values and logic. Fumbling has been tuned to occur during more realistic scenarios such as big hits and collisions.

Gameplay: Defense Secondary aggressive coverage has been addressed. Defensive players AI has been better tuned for only certain percentile of defensive backs have the ability to make aggressive moves that are effective.

Gameplay: Pass Lead Tuning on Lob passes has been improved.
The user has the ability to lead receivers with lob passes now.

Update 11/1: I have done some digging and found out that due to some technical conflicts there will be no patch released for the 360 version.

Update 11/2: It appears that EA is now attempting to determine if the patch for the 360 could be possible. It had originally been planned to come out for both consoles but the technical conflicts arose for the 360. This does not mean that it is coming, just that they are looking into making it happen. I’ll keep you updated as any news is made available.

Update 11/11: No news on this yet. With Monday the 12th being a holiday, I get the feeling we’ll probably hear something about the 360 version mid-late this week.

Update 11/16: There will be a patch for the 360, with initial expectations being that it will be out in December.