Updates on some hot community topics

Posted November 15th, 2007 at 3:14 am

-The 360 demo for College Hoops 2K8 was mentioned as coming “very soon” in the conference call. It seems likely that it is just going through the MS approval process and then it will be deployed. This will probably happen next week possibly on Tuesday, the day the game actually hits stores.

-NHL 08 received a roster update yesterday. It took a long time but a great deal of effort was spent as they updated not just the NHL but the AHL as well.

-NBA Live 08 should be seeing its initial roster update very soon. The Online Team Play is still awaiting approval from MS/Sony before it can be activated.

-The patch for Madden 08 is still going through the lengthy process required before it can be released. There are hopes that EA will soon be able to give an idea on a time frame for when the patch will be expected to make its way out. We may hear from them about that as early as the end of this week. The release of the patch does not appear to be imminent but it is certainly well on the way.

-There has been no additional news on the possibility of the 360 version of NCAA Football 08 receiving the patch that its PS3 counterpart did. The situation is still being evaluated. *Update* There will be a patch for the 360, initial expectations are that it will be out in early December.

-College Hoops 2K8 had the list of 360 achievements come out. You can find them here.

-EA has put out a survey about Madden. It has you rate certain aspects of the game, give your opinions, and even rate All-Pro Football 2K8 in specific areas. You can take the survey here. It takes about 10 minutes to complete.