First patched feature may come for Madden 09

Posted June 18th, 2008 at 7:26 pm

Madden 09 producers Phil Frazier and Ian Cummings stated earlier this evening that a patch that would add a feature (something that has not been done by Tiburon before) is going to be attempted. The feature which they are hoping to patch in is accelerated clock.

The patch process is a lengthy one, so even if they started working on it now there is no guarantee that it would be ready by the time the game launched. Given that adding in features through a patch is difficult since they would be more likely to break something else in the game, they are looking to attempt it with accelerated clock as not only is it a highly requested feature but also one of the least risky options.

Again this is another example of the community having direct influence on the game. We’ve already seen other suggestions such as a kick return play with a single returner and icons disappearing when a QB drops back too far implemented in a short period of time for this year’s release. However the reduction of camera flashes, which has been promised, hasn’t been seen even in the most recent build videos.