Madden 09 Demo Videos

Posted July 24th, 2008 at 8:17 pm

With the Madden 09 demo now out in DVD form, and coming next Friday to XBL and PSN, I wanted to drop some quick impressions and videos. I’ll have more over the weekend as well.

From the amount of time I’ve spent with the demo so far it is clearly from an older build than what was played at the Community Event. Apparently it is from an early April build and the one coming next week will be more recent. So not only are there visual differences (no camera flashes for example) but it doesn’t play as sharp as it did in late May. The Madden IQ doesn’t seem to be nearly as forgiving either, as I struggled just to pull in Pro ratings with the demo while at the event I had All-Pro on every one except pass defense. Still it does a decent enough job presenting the overall feel of the game outside of the absent commentary which takes a big part of the atmosphere away.

As detailed previously, this demo gives the opportunity to try out the virtual trainer and then take on the Giants in a “Madden Moment”, the late game go-ahead drive. Continue on to view a video of a virtual trainer play through and nearly ten minutes of gameplay.