Madden 09 Patch Details

Posted August 6th, 2008 at 6:59 am

Madden 09 producer Phil Frazier has revealed the details of the first patch for the game which is expected to be available on or around the release date of August 12th, as well as some potential areas to be addressed by a second patch and ideas for downloadable content.

The first patch will predominantly be fixes that most people wouldn’t have even noticed. The biggest one of the bunch is likely the adjustment that has been made to reduce frequent long kick returns. This wasn’t something that was identified as being a problem at the community event, though most agree it is within NCAA Football 09.

The second patch will react more to the community suggestions following release of the game and they already have an idea of some of the items to work towards. CPU QB accuracy and field degradation being ones that stand out at this point.

There is also some talk as to potential downloadable content. One mentioned is the accelerated clock which had been investigated for a patch but ultimately would’ve been too large a file to qualify. It has been said that the DLC may be free.

Continue on for the full details on all this from Phil Frazier.

Patch #1 (currently with MS/Sony for certification)

1. Changed default quarter length of online leagues to 5 minutes.
2. Solved a very rare stability issue that occured when using a couple of playbooks.
3. Eliminated a button mashing glitch during high latency online games.
4. Eliminated a stability issue that sometimes occured while viewing the player HUB in online leagues.
5. Fixed a tricky disc eject glitch that occured at specific points of online games.
6. Kick Return Tuning – made improvements to help reduce frequent long kick returns.
7. Safety Tuning – eliminated issue where safeties in deep zone coverage would sometimes not react to a run to their side.
8. The game skill slider for interceptions was tuned to amplify it’s affect.

Patch #2 Possibilities
1. Ghost Juking OOB fix – aka CPU players running out of bounds
2. CPU Accuracy tuning
3. Amplify the field degredation effect (the system is currently working but is hidden by some of our late added post effects)
4. Other post-release community feedback

DLC Possibilities
1. Accelerated Clock
2. CPU Sliders (you would have the all new human sliders as well as a brand new screen of CPU sliders)
3. Legacy Gen Controller Config
4. Madden Community Gamerpics