NFL Head Coach 09 Patch Details

Posted August 22nd, 2008 at 11:34 am

NFL Head Coach 09 producer Josh Looman has confirmed that a patch will be coming for the game via a post on the official forum. The patch is still being worked on which essentially would put it at least a month away from going live.

Among the issues being addressed are the two widely seen as the biggest, that is the play creator bug within career mode that led to injuries never healing and the ability to call plays during a two minute drill. Continue on to view the full details.

Here’s an update on our progress with the patch:

We have fixed the Play Creator/Injury Bug.

We have added the ability to call plays during the 2 minute drill. You guys better thank Bekins for this. Normally, this would have been a feature that would have taken forever to get in, but the kid killed himself to put it in there to help everyone out.

We have added Favre’s stats back in the game.

We fixed a bug you guys didn’t know about that allows me to change team philosophies in the roster update. Woo-Hoo! This lets me get the teams where I think they should be and correct some ratings issues that way.

We fixed the contract bug (where scrub players would ask for a ton of money when re-signing).

We fixed the Draft Day trading bug (where you could force every team to trade their pick by asking them to trade and then backing out)

We fixed the ability to change a QB to WR and change him back to QB again.

We fixed the bug where teams would not kick a FG at the end of the half.

We are investigating a fix to make fumbles better. Staymates found out that a fatigued player would be getting larger penalties than expected to their attributes, including their carry rating. We are greatly reducing this so that fumbles should happen less. This is going to need some more testing since a lot of different factors influence fumble chances.

We are also investigating a fix for CPU teams subbing out fatigued players quicker in-game so that backups get some carries. Our thresholds for subbing a guy out were too low, so we are raising those. This also needs mucho testing.

We are fixing any crashes we can reproduce including the issues found on PS3.