MLB 2K9 Patch Now Out

Posted April 4th, 2009 at 1:00 pm


Last year 2K Sports released a patch for MLB 2K8 that wasn’t especially effective, and at that didn’t even bother to put it out for the PS3. Fortunately this year 2K decided to provide both the 360 and PS3 with a patch that attempts to improve on some of the problem areas in MLB 2K9. It is now out for both systems and the game will prompt you to download it when starting it up.

Areas of focus in the patch include the toning down of CPU batting aggressiveness as well as the frequency of home runs. Fixing of the first baseman glitch, outfield error glitches, and ease of pick-offs at second base are also apparently addressed.

Reaction so far seems to be mixed. That doesn’t surprise me either because there is certainly a feeling of resentment out there for what was initially provided with the release of 2K9. It is difficult to praise a patch after having been mislead on several fronts and with the original game being so egregiously bad.

Leave your thoughts on the patch in the comments. How much has or hasn’t this improved the game? Does it change your perception of 2K9 at all now post-patch?