The Line Drive 9/13/09

Posted September 14th, 2009 at 12:20 am


  • It is now down to the Final Four in the NCAA Football 11 Wishlist Tournament over at ncaaStrategies. Formation subs go up against custom playbooks and correct option blocking faces better offensive playbooks. My favorite out of those would be custom playbooks, an option I feel should be in Madden as well. You can place your votes in their forum.
  • Another former college football player is suing EA for past use of his likeness in the NCAA Football series. This time it is a player that certainly couldn’t make the case that any profit was made off their name, having been a sometimes starting guard from North Carolina. Whether or not these lawsuits end up being successful, it seems to reason that the poor job done this year may just be the beginning of a trend towards more generic rosters.
  • IGN did a comparison of player faces in NHL 10 and NHL 2K10 which is always fun to argue over. This is one of the few ways to directly compare the games given that the perplexing decision was made not to release a demo for 2K10. Both games release tomorrow.
  • The BIGS 3 is early in development planning as confirmed by 2K Sports. It will probably follow the every other year pattern and release in summer 2011. The BIGS 2 was well received but not nearly as enthusiastically as the original was.