Latest Update on Madden 10 Patch #2

Posted October 14th, 2009 at 10:05 am


One thing constantly being requested is info regarding the upcoming patch for Madden 10, so here is the latest. Per Ian Cummings on Twitter the second patch is still being worked on. It appears they are attempting to get as much into this patch as possible and as such it has still not been submitted to MS or Sony for certification. Indications are that could happen within the next week or so. That would put the patch on track to release in the first half of November.

The patch is expected to include many community requested gameplay tweaks along with adjustments to the sim stats in Franchise mode, fixes to problems that the first patch caused, and the addition of the Seahawks alternate jerseys. Complete details of what the patch will entail have not yet been laid out, and that probably will not be done until the submission has been officially made or until cleared and ready for release.