The Line Drive 11/21

Posted November 21st, 2009 at 12:18 pm


  • ESPN has a detailed early preview of EA MMA that is worth checking out. The use of Photo Game Face and the importance of the international aspect of MMA are just a few of the things discussed.
  • Though Backbreaker has largely disappeared from the sports gaming landscape since some media previews at E3, Gamestop has listed it off and on for pre-order on their website. From the listing it has been discovered that the publisher is 505 Games and the targeted release day may be April 27th 2010. In a new development it appears the price of the game has been reduced $10 and will sell for $49.99. Though a price point of $40 might be ideal at least it won’t be going out at $60 where it would be an extremely tough sell to especially cautious consumers.
  • The second patch for Madden 10 remains in certification with Microsoft and Sony. The certification process is generally completed within two weeks and as such the patch could be out at any time however the release does not appear to be imminent. Details of much of what the patch contains should be out in the near future to add to what is already known.
  • The upcoming patch and new downloadable content for Fight Night Round 4 is expected out in early December. That has prompted EA Sports to put out a blog and some videos discussing what is to come.