First MLB 10: The Show Preview

Posted December 17th, 2009 at 2:35 am


ESPN has released the first preview for MLB 10: The Show laying out the “six things to know”. Those include working to improve online performance, Road to the Show enhancements, a new pickoff system, and the introduction of real-time presentation. Make sure to check out the full article here and the first screenshots that arrived last night in the gallery.

“MLB 09” was one of the best offline sports games of the year. But take the game online and it’s virtually unplayable because of the constant lag that throws off the timing of every move, making even little things like check swings seem impossible. “We’re fully aware of the complaints,” admits Cutliff, “but we’ve made online playability a priority area for us this year to make sure the timing of everything from the release points to the swings and check swings finally look and feel right. The online game will be going through much more extensive testing than we’ve ever put it through before.”

After years of disappointing online play SCEA is now stating that it has become a priority. I did a full write-up regarding online play for 09 after experiencing quite a bit of frustration. That deficiency has really held the series back from greatness and hopefully they’ll be able to rectify that and provide an enjoyable experience.