Backbreaker Website Launches

Posted December 22nd, 2009 at 1:25 pm


Earlier today the official website for Backbreaker went live. After a countdown on the page for the last three weeks it seemed as though the build-up was going to result in more than it actually did. No significant new game information has been revealed nor has the finalized release date or price. Those could very well be Tuesday April 27th and $49.99 based on Gamestop info but they have yet to be confirmed.

There are a handful of new screenshots that can be viewed on the website. It is also now known that there are 56 teams included in the game. Those will go along with the customization feature that will provide opportunity to create teams.

Unfortunately in terms of videos those still remain listed as “coming soon” and until gameplay is shown there will be a level of skepticism surrounding Backbreaker. I will be really interested to see how far the game has come since having it demoed to me at E3.