MLB 11 Could Have Motion Control

Posted February 12th, 2010 at 9:46 pm

In an interview with Gametrailers one of the designers from MLB 10: The Show made quick reference to the topic of motion control. It will come as little surprise that the possibility of utilizing motion control is something that has been discussed though he went on to state that they do have plans for it in the future. Sony has the still unnamed motion control wand for the PS3 in development which should be out before the arrival of MLB 11: The Show.

Before everyone jumps to conclusions there is no way SCEA will force motion control as the default way to play the game. They are not going to make a radical change and alienate the fans that have helped The Show to grow significantly in sales the past few years. Most importantly though they will not cut into the user base by restricting who the game can be marketed to.

Only a small percentage of PS3 owners will pick up the motion wand early and even the most optimistic forecasts would be in the range of 30-40% of PS3 owners having adapted it after a couple years. Microsoft is facing the same outlook with Natal, which is why the games for the motion capture device will be designed solely for its use and will not damage any current franchises for those that don’t purchase the device.

I envision the wand best utilized primarily for Road to the Show mode. Motion control works best when a user can focus on controlling an individual. The potential confusion is limited because of that and it just makes for a more natural feel and enjoyable experience. The most successful titles on the Wii trend towards controlling individuals rather than teams.

All that being said what do you think of the idea of motion control being added as an option to MLB 11: The Show whether as an alternate control scheme, mini-games, or alternate game mode? Along with Sony pushing for 3D gaming it seems as though their in-house developers will be looking to utilize the new technologies in the coming years. Leave your thoughts in the comments!