NBA 2K11 My Player Adds Signature Shoes

Posted August 31st, 2010 at 5:50 pm

All throughout the week 2K Sports is announcing improvements to NBA 2K11’s My Player career mode. Yesterday it was post-game press conferences and today it is signature shoes. “If you’re gonna Become The Greatest, you gotta have your own signature shoe. Dominate in this year’s version of My Player mode and you’ll see your customized kicks on the feet of other guys in the league. What’s your signature shoe gonna be called?”

I’ve never quite understood the fascination that some have with shoes in NBA games. But there are undeniably many out there who intently follow what shoes are in and how accurately replicated they are. Personally I can’t remember ever even paying attention or noticing shoes while playing the games, but for those who do this sounds like a nice touch for the mode especially if it includes the player signing a shoe deal with a company.