Madden 11 3D Impressions

Posted October 29th, 2010 at 4:50 pm

Earlier this week it was revealed that a 3D mode in Madden 11 could be unlocked through a process involving partner Doritos. After completing all the steps necessary to activate the mode and try it out I can easily say that no one else need go through the trouble. It is best to just pretend this 3D mode never existed to begin with. 

If you have a pair of 3D glasses check out these screenshots and the video I’ve embedded. Just from looking at the screens in particular it would seem alright. When the game is in motion and concentration is on playing though it’s dreadful. It is reasonable to call it nearly unplayable.

New bags of Doritos advertising Madden in 3D carry a code on them which is then entered into their website. Another code is then provided to take into the Madden online menu where “redeem code” resides. The 3D mode then becomes available to use immediately even though November 11th is being stated as the start date.

A pair of the red/blue glasses are also necessary to have. Glasses can be purchased from the Doritos site or a pair can be found in the upcoming edition of ESPN: The Magazine (out on 11/5). But any old red/blue 3D glasses will work and there are other ways to get them. I purchased a pair of sweet glasses off Amazon for a couple bucks. Using the old technology means that 3D TVs aren’t required however the quality isn’t near the same.

Sound like a bit of a hassle in order to just try out the 3D mode? It is. Especially considering just how bad it turns out to be.

The mode is activated at the game setting screen (where options such as quarter length and weather reside). It can be turned on or left off from that area. These impressions are going to be brief because after about 30 seconds I couldn’t take much more.

The game is darkened due to the presence of the glasses and text appears blurry. Within seconds my eyes were hurting. The 3D really provides very little in the way of the depth you’d expect. There appear to be no real benefits to using the mode…not even as a novelty.

In addition to the 3D there are some new on-screen graphics that come along which are all Doritos based. The game introduction has Gus Johnson announcing that it is presented in 3D and some transitions into replays include the Doritos “explosion”.

There is no need to bother with the 3D mode for Madden 11 unless one is a masochist. It is a hassle to add the option as the purchase of chips, glasses, and the entering of codes in multiple places is required. Then it is literally painful to play with it activated.