NBA 2K11 Patch Arrives for 360

Posted November 5th, 2010 at 9:08 am

The patch for NBA 2K11 that made it out for the PS3 last week went live for the 360 this morning. It has been described as simply dealing with online stability and does not deliver any gameplay improvements or fixes to other issues. A comprehensive patch based partly on community feedback is being targeted for late this month or early December.

The hope was that this patch would allow for the NBA Today feature to finally work after going a month without it. The correct date is now automatically loading, the previews of upcoming games between quarters are back, and the commentary is citing recent and upcoming events.  These early indications are encouraging but there are other elements that will have to be checked on.

Unfortunately the freezing being experienced when exiting a mode back to the main menu remains a problem. The game attempts to load rosters on the way out and that is where the console locks up and has to be restarted. Not even starting a quick game and exiting out of that or going to the Living Rosters section before starting modes such as Association and My Player (both of which worked prior to the patch) will help to avoid the console from freezing up.

On a side note they also really have to patch the need to go into the options and change the “preferred position” to always default to “none”. Being forced to go into the control settings at the start of a game to switch it because it was randomly changed to a specific position is beyond annoying. Especially considering this happened last year as well. Obviously though the freezing is the big thing to worry about right now.

I’ll be working up detailed impressions of NBA Today soon. In the meantime feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments on the patch in general and whether NBA Today is fully functioning.