EA Sports MMA Patch Out Now

Posted November 19th, 2010 at 2:15 pm

A patch for EA Sports MMA is now available for both the 360 and the PS3. The patch attempts to enhance the gameplay experience by working on some balance issues as well as delivering a few other changes.

So far impressions coming in of the patch have actually been largely negative with many feeling it has shifted favor towards stand up fighters. The stamina drain on failed takedowns and when on the ground, the spamming of hooks and body shots, and continued imbalance between the “Total Strike Control” and button control schemes are being cited the most in discussions. Continue on for the full list of patch details and leave any thoughts in the comments!

* Reducing the range and combo speed for hook to hook combos to the body
* Increasing the stamina loss for failed takedown attempts
* Stronger punches in the dominate turtle position
* Enlarged window for denying takedowns from the clinch.
* Adding Head Arm choke to Josh Thomson’s move set
* 10 Point scoring system fixes
* Adjustments to the camera’s in the clinch so they do not sway as much during strikes
* Updated Fighter Records for Gesias Cavalcante, Josh Thomson, Nick Diaz, Ronaldo Souza, Tim Kennedy and Tyron Woodley
* Fix issue where Gamertag for the fighters were not displaying when viewing Fight Replays
* Resolve issues that caused occasional softlocks during online matches