Madden 11 Patch #5 Details

Posted December 10th, 2010 at 8:00 am

In a surprise move EA Sports has released a fifth patch for Madden 11. Upon starting the game for the 360 or PS3 the prompt to download the update should appear. Currently though patch distribution for both consoles seems to be inconsistent with some having received the patch while many others are still waiting for it to arrive.

The patch takes into consideration community feedback with a focus on improving the defense. It also attempts to fix a few online related exploits. Continue on for the patch details and leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • Improved reaction times for defenders in coverage to better react to receivers
  • Improved logic to get defenders in better position to make plays on the ball while in the air
  • Improved defensive play recognition to get defenders reacting to the play faster
  • Tuned up defensive pursuit to get defenders to take smarter angles to the ball carrier
  • Tuned up defensive gap aggressiveness to get defenders into the hole faster
  • Fixed an issue where the play art on defense would sometimes not show up correctly when showing blitz. We have corrected this problem in thirteen formations so now all proper play art will be displayed when showing blitz to the offense.
  • Fixed an exploit to disallow defenders from all blitzing when the quarterback tried to pump fake when facing the wrong direction. This was discovered in NCAA Football 11 and fixed in both titles.
  • Fixed an exploit where unscrupulous players could get their fullback or tight end to move across the line of scrimmage and cause an encroachment penalty against an unsuspecting defensive player.
  • Fixed an exploit where online gamers could use specific timing in pulling the network plug and cause a soft lock for both users, thus not having to face a loss. We’ve isolated and fixed the problem, so now if someone pulls their plug, they rightfully get a loss.