No More Patches Coming for NBA 2K11

Posted January 17th, 2011 at 1:00 pm

2K Sports has confirmed that there will be no further patching of NBA 2K11. Yesterday what we now know to represent the final patch was released and delivered 3D capability along with fixing an issue causing disconnects in unranked online games. That followed up the one gameplay and feedback related patch that arrived in November.

As noted in the year-in-review article, in which NBA 2K11 received top game honors, the post-release support has been disappointing. It is surprising that a game the stature of NBA 2K11 would get only one true patch. There may not be any game-breaking issues but there certainly are a laundry list of things that could have been improved upon. Online play will remain problematic, while shot release timing and play-calling in My Player mode (two areas that complaints arose out of following that earlier main patch) thus will remain as-is.

NBA 2K11 has become the “Madden” of basketball gaming, and as such should be held to similar standards and expectations. Madden 11 received five patches, is nearing 20 roster updates, and has provided a good stream of downloadable content. For 2K to take that next step and sustain the popularity of the series as well as be considered more than just a sports game they’ll want to put forth more of an effort post-release in the future.