MLB 11: The Show Patch #2 Details

Posted April 25th, 2011 at 2:45 pm

Despite PSN being completely out of commission the patch delivery system on the PS3 remains functional and MLB 11: The Show received its latest on Friday evening. Changes include making the analog hitting easier, pitching more difficult to pinpoint, adding movement to the knuckleball, and attempts to fix many of the issues with Franchise mode.

Response towards the patch has been generally positive but there are some not finding there to be much difference in certain areas or even now having issues with saving games. Continue on for the full list of details on the comprehensive second patch for MLB 11: The Show.

•Users can now share saved data files.
•Pitcher will now catch more pop up bunts, jammed hits in the air instead of ignoring them
•CPU batters will no longer swing at balls that bounce up in to the strike zone
•Fixed bug with bases loaded, two outs, ball in dirt strike three, step on home. Batter comes back up to the plate at the start of the next inning fixed.
•Fixed CPU closer getting yanked after giving up 1 run when ahead by two in a save situation
•Catcher will now catch more balls that bounce in front of him instead of blocking them. As it stands, a lot of the blocked balls turn in to WP’s.
•Fixed Miguel Tejada’s homerun bug – This can occur only when you make a RTTS show player and make him lefty or switch hitter, because Tejada is normally right handed.
•Fixed Errors incorrectly being called on backend of double plays, when the out wasn’t made.
•The rob HR off the glove issues addressed. Now when a rob hr is attempted, the ball hit’s the glove and the ball goes over the wall it is counted as a HR.
•Catcher will pick up balls under him instead of standing up all the time. Also he catches more short hops instead of standing up all the time.
•Knuckleball pitch movement addressed (no longer looks like a good change up. left and right movement occurs)
•Fixed issues with pitcher not fielding bunts that were popped up.
•Fixed the bug, not giving an error, on some error throws in the infield.
•Fixed giving batter non-existent Fielders Choice.
•Wind influence reduction based on extensive tests versus real life stats and community feedback
•Added Pitcher and Batter handedness changes. On the substitution screen, when entered from the bullpen only.
•Fixed an issue that was causing a stutter in the Start screen and during pitches in-game. Not always, but sometimes.
•Analog Pitching, is now harder to pin point your location
•Analog Hitting has been made easier
•Meter pitching, its now harder to pinpoint your location

•Cause players with low overall to retire sooner.
•Fixed a bug causing players to not store their initial attribute levels at the start of each season, causing progression in the offseason to appear much larger than it was since it was being calculated to the start of 2011, regardless of the current season.
•Decisions on contract options need to be made sooner since the exclusive negotiation period was shortened from 15 to 5 days.
•Only players with 6+ years of service time will be flagged as type A or type B free agents.
•Fixed the accelerated progression where players were progressing to their potential at age 26 instead of 30.
•Fixed 99 ovr players were not correctly normalizing to 1.0f.
•Adjusted salary curve and fixed issues with salaries in short seasons.OPERATION SPORTS
•Now the game doesn’t backload contracts that are less than $5M per year or less than 4 years.
•Adjusted how potentials are assigned to generated players.
•More logic to see if a contract should be tendered to a player before allowing him to become a free agent. Also, more accurate calculation for salary reserved for minor league players under the team’s control.
•Fixed some bugs with the popup message in multi-user franchise mode when minor league teams secure a bye in the playoffs.
•Make sure any player who is decent (75 ovr, 75 potential) are being offered arbitration. Also, make sure free agents were offered arbitration by the CPU and teams didn’t receive compensation picks for players to whom they didn’t offer arbitration.
•Fixed the issue to make sure that contract offers and arbitration offers aren’t cleared when a player becomes a free agent at the end of the 5 day exclusive negotiation period.
•Fixed the issue and now more 1 year contracts for arbitration eligible players.
•Make the best available player the most valuable if the team is missing minor leaguers.
•Set team strategies for the user teams as well.
•All minor leaguers will now have 1 year contracts by default.
•Treat CPU controlled user teams as CPU teams for purposes of reducing trades during the season.
•Clear a player’s minor league option used status at the start of spring training instead of at the end of it. This was allowing the user to send players down during spring training and not have an option used.

•Fixes an event ordering issue at the end of offseason. Promotes decision to force career player contract signing to the beginning of the Advance function on the last day of offseason, in front of HandleOrganization. HandleOrganization may move the player to the 40 man roster in the HandleRenewal call, and this previously would change the Renewable status before the player was forced to sign, which would put the career player into a state the system was not prepared for.

•Sportsmanship fix for Gamer of the Day online home screen. Was always showing zero.
•Player vault appearance fix. This would happen when creating, exporting, uploading, then downloading single players. They would have a Jeter head instead of the head created.
•Custom roster load to make sure they all load the same. tested, and no more divergence. To test, use leagues with a custom roster.
•Framerate improvements during online game when pitcher side is from pitching view, the batter’s screen takes framerate hits. This is most noticeable in TB. Graphics improvements done and the 2nd base umpire turned off.
•Balks and Batter Walk-ups should now work in league games when set to ON in League create. For Batter walk-ups Presentation Mode must be set to any option, other than Fast Play.
•Fixed the issue where once anyone in a league trades and has more than 40 players on a league team, the game may crash for some users when accessing My Leagues. Or some teams may have the wrong player and cause league problems.
•Fixed Play Now and exhibition games entered don’t always have Wind at 4mph coming in from RF. Randomness restored to wind for online games.
•Side ticker clean up, which addresses games that are in Preview status.
•On Line check swings adjustments, opening up the timing window for them. Should now be improved.