Fight Night Champion Patch #2 Details

Posted June 24th, 2011 at 11:00 am

Though Fight Night Champion struggled to gain traction with consumers EA Sports has continued to provide strong post-release support. A second comprehensive patch for the game is set to release for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on June 28th. Continue on to check out all the changes that will be delivered with next week’s patch.

Fixed One-Punch Knockouts
•Pretty self-explanatory this one. One punch KOs are happening again.

Health and Knockdowns
•Boxers with low health can now be knocked down without automatically entering the “critical health” stun state.
•Cumulative punching can, in effect, cause knockdowns without being so predictable.

Locomotion Updates
•Boxers can now move forwards with their guard up as fast as opponents can move backwards with their guard down
•Movement speed near the ropes or corners is affected. Makes it more difficult to consistently run throughout the course of a fight.
•Weave input sensitivity has been improved.

Stamina Updates
•Long term stamina loss for moving backwards is significantly higher than stamina loss for moving forwards.
•Short term stamina loss for throwing several punches is more significant.
•The effect of low stamina on boxer power and toughness is more significant. When a boxer’s stamina bar is low, they are weaker and more susceptible to damage than before.
•Stamina loss for high output punchers is more significant overall.

Hit Reactions
•Tweaked hit reaction strength such that punches to the body do not offset opponent punches as drastically.
•Reduces the instance of what some users felt were, “forced misses”.

Judges Scoring
•Judging logic tweaked to favor clean, effective punching more than previously.
•In general, most judges will favor the boxer who lands fewer, more significant punches over the boxer who lands higher numbers of less significant punches.
•Big punches and stuns have a bigger chance of swinging a round in favor of a boxer.

Legacy Mode
•Fixed issue where game would sometimes hang when attempting to import created fighters into Legacy Mode.
•Alternate Weight Class DLC boxers can be imported into Legacy Mode. So can George Foreman.

•Fixed the Online Leaderboards Cheat

OWC Match-Up Logic
•Prioritizes match-ups been boxers with similar OVR ratings.
•Matchups between boxers with too large a difference in OVR will not be made (no more hunting for easy fights).
•OWC Boxer Ratings have been balanced so that new boxers aren’t at as big a disadvantage starting out.

Offline Gameplay
•Rolled back a subset of previous tunerset updates that were adversely affecting offline gameplay difficulty.
•Improved the effect of Offline Gameplay Sliders for Punch Accuracy and Punch Output (as much as possible).