NCAA Football 12 Tendency Bug in Rosters Will be Fixed in Patch

Posted July 22nd, 2011 at 8:45 am

NCAA Football 12 released with a number of serious problems that have been well documented which has prompted some response. Sadly add another to the running list with an issue that was discovered in named rosters. While the majority of the problems have thus far gone unaddressed by EA Sports this one is said to already be in line for the upcoming patch which would still be weeks away at a minimum.

Operation Sports has confirmed that the upcoming patch for NCAA Football 12 will fix a player tendency bug when rosters are edited. Making any changes to a player – whether that be naming or even just touching their equipment – shifts their tendency. One example is that editing a QB who is a ‘scrambler’ makes him become ‘balanced’.

It would seem to be a plausible scenario where the patch will fix the problem but won’t fix those currently named rosters back to original tendencies. If that is the case then new roster files would have to be created though I suspect most people haven’t and won’t notice what this bug has done to the tendencies of players on the field and the current rosters will suffice. It is only the highly recognized players with distinct styles that will really be noticed such as a Denard Robinson, who in going from a scrambler to balanced will not take off and run like he should.

As I stated on Twitter recently the scary thing is that NCAA Football 12 was thought pre-release to be a polished product and it certainly has not lived up to that expectation. Madden NFL 12 is shaping up to be the more dynamic and exciting product but it will need to avoid slipping up in the manner that NCAA 12 did if it wants to gain momentum back after a down year.