Amazon Now Offering Promotional Credits on NBA 2K12, NHL 12, and FIFA 12

Posted July 26th, 2011 at 7:15 am

Amazon continues to provide promotional credits for high profile releases and several more upcoming titles have received them. NHL 12, FIFA 12, and NBA 2K12 are all in line for preorder credits from the online retailer. They join Madden NFL 12 which has had the promo credits listed for some time now.

Preorders of NBA 2K12 (360, PS3) will come with a $10 credit to use on other purchases at Amazon once the game ships while NHL 12 (360, PS3) and FIFA 12 (360, PS3) will get $20 credits. That essentially makes the games $50/$40 and many may choose to roll the $20 credits they got from NCAA Football 12 or Madden 12 (360, PS3, CE 360, CE PS3) into them making each feel like even less of an investment. Considering the value many expect to get out of these particular titles there’s no going wrong with getting the bonus on top of that.

Remember savings are also had due to a lack of sales tax for most states. The only thing now is for release day shipping to be added to the listings. That should be coming closer to release but Amazon will typically automatically switch one-night shipping orders to release day when that happens. Release day delivery is only 99 cents or free if an Amazon Prime member.