Reminder: NBA 2K12 Amazon Deal

Posted September 30th, 2011 at 12:15 pm

Now that all the information is out regarding features for NBA 2K12, as well as there being a clear picture of how the league lockout is affecting the product, this made for a proper opportunity to mention the Amazon deal again. If you’re interested in picking up the game this may be the best option for many. Given that there are no retailer-specific bonuses with NBA 2K12 it makes it an even better option.

Amazon is offering a $10 promotional credit with all pre-orders which can be put towards any future purchase on the site. NBA 2K12 as essentially a $50 purchase can seem more reasonable considering how the total package is hampered by the lockout and therefore it may not have the same value for some people as last year. The $10 saved can even help justify the purchase of the planned paid downloadable content if so inclined to look at it that way.

There is also free release day shipping (99 cents if not an Amazon Prime member) that will get the game delivered on Tuesday. Also keep in mind that there is no tax for most states which saves an additional $5 or so. Included with the pre-order is also the 90-91 Warriors and 01-02 KingsĀ (which comes in every new copy of 2K12) as well as files to print out any of the three versions of cover art as there is no way to guarantee any particular cover at any retailer.

To pre-order from Amazon do so by clicking here for Xbox 360 and here for the PS3 version.

NBA 2K12 may be facing stale rosters that lack even rookies, have removed ‘Crew’ mode from the online feature set, lack improvements to the base offline Association, and be pushing some expected features into DLC – but it still builds off last year’s fantastic gameplay while adding in more legends and historic teams and integrating the online component to Association. More than ever 2K12 is a game that has its appeal easily defined – and a clear decision can be made on what aspects are important from individual to individual.