NBA 2K12 Patch Out for 360; Soon to PS3

Posted October 13th, 2011 at 5:15 pm

2K Sports has pushed through a patch for NBA 2K12 already – the sudden announcement and arrival a surprise considering the game released only nine days ago and no indications had been made that one was in the pipeline. Because of the time crunch though it meant the patch would be limited in scale and 2K has tried to dampen expectations by stating it’s main (or maybe only) goal was to address the many disconnects occurring in online games.

The patch is out for the Xbox 360 and expected on the PS3 at an undetermined point in the coming days. The PS3 version specifically has had more difficulty in actual matchmaking – and the patch is said to also attempt to improve in that area. The primary fix though focuses on the loading screen that allows for lineup changes and adjustments before games – touching anything there was resulting in almost guaranteed disconnects only moments later. Unfortunately that doesn’t represent the only culprit of the high rate of disconnects being experienced so far but at least takes the first step in addressing the widespread issues.¬†How the patch affects the online, and whether it stabilizes due to that or other improvements, will be monitored going forward.