NCAA Football 12 To Get One More Patch

Posted January 10th, 2012 at 6:16 pm

According to various¬†comments coming out of a ‘community day’ currently taking place for NCAA Football 13 – yet another patch for NCAA Football 12 is on the way. The patch reportedly will attempt to further address the “transfer failed” issue that has plagued Online Dynasty mode since release. The issue has now been identified as having to do with the length of gamertags plus the dynasty IDs. Though attempts have been made to fix the problem previously it has continued to occur in many instances bringing dynasties to a standstill.

If the coming fix happens to take care of the problem completely it will be a welcome one even though it comes far too late for most people who have long since given up on NCAA 12. At the very least it shows an improved level of dedication to the product from EA Sports that has rightfully been questioned all along the way.

Update: EA has clarified this was to be a server side update not an actual patch. It apparently has already gone out too!