Breaking Down the Various Pre-Order Options for UFC Undisputed 3

Posted February 1st, 2012 at 12:45 pm

It has become the norm for retailers to offer pre-order incentives and in some cases exclusive ones. That is the case for UFC Undisputed 3 which presents consumers with a very difficult decision between the best value, the strongest content, and the biggest savings. Choosing one means giving up something else and that makes for a frustrating situation. Here is a summary of what is on the table for those considering a purchase of UFC 3.

•AmazonBest Initial Value
A $10 promotional credit towards a future purchase at the online retailer is the main pull – while the deal also includes the “Ultimate Knockout Artist Boost Pack” to help build up a created fighter faster. Amazon doesn’t charge tax in most states, and release day shipping is free for Prime members or just $1 for non-members, so essentially up to about $16 could be saved when factoring those things in along with the promo credit. (360PS3)

•GamestopStrongest Base Content
The offering made here is for four exclusive fighters (Nick Diaz, Phil Davis, ‘Mayhem’ Miller, and Brian Stann). They won’t be obtainable any other way until three months have passed when they’ll be offered as paid DLC. The downside is having to purchase from the worst retailer of the bunch and pay full price and tax. If those fighters are important though then it may be worth it.

•THQ StoreBiggest Overall Savings
For those who plan to buy a good deal/all of the downloadable content the THQ store will present the best savings over the long run. Pre-orders there get the “season pass” for free (which will likely end up being worth $12-15). Though the store offers free shipping there is no delivery guarantee and many consumers were stuck waiting for weeks recently on orders of WWE 12 to arrive. So getting all the DLC (minus the four exclusive fighters) is appealing but probably only for those who won’t be stressed if the game doesn’t arrive on or immediately after release day.

•Others: Walmart ($10 eGift card and “Knockout Pack”). Best Buy: Exclusive “Early Access Pack” for unlockables. Kmart: Still unknown.