Amazon Offering Promo Credit on MLB 2K12 and Combo Pack with NBA 2K12

Posted February 22nd, 2012 at 11:30 am

It has been notable that neither publisher of the baseball titles this year are offering any sort of pre-order incentive. Stepping in then to do so on the retailer end is Amazon who today added a $10 promotional credit for MLB 2K12 along with release day delivery which is free for Prime subscribers and just for 99 cents otherwise.

Not only will standard copies of MLB 2K12 (360PS3) get the promo credit but so will the recently announced combo pack (360 only) with NBA 2K12. That will make the combo just $60 when factoring in the credit which is used on a future purchase – a much more attractive deal for those who are interested in getting both games.

It actually makes some sense then, for anyone who plans on getting MLB 2K12 and already has NBA 2K12, to sell that copy of NBA ($30 is about what to expect for that) and get the combo pack. Essentially that would make MLB 2K12 around a $30 purchase. At that cost the product’s value could make it worth considering for those who are even unsure about MLB 2K12 as it would be several months before it got down to that price on its own.