Huge Deal on NCAA Football 13 Now Available for Both 360 and PS3 Versions

Posted May 9th, 2012 at 2:15 pm

The deal being offered by Amazon for NCAA Football 13 which was limited to the 360 earlier this week has now expanded to the PS3 version. The online retailer is offering NCAA 13 for just $45. Release day shipping (have it on your doorstep on July 10) is just $1 or free if a Prime member and many states do not get charged tax on the purchase. Buying through the links below also will help to support the site!

•PlayStation 3 Version
•Xbox 360 Version

The pre-order incentive at Amazon is arguably the best as it offers five exclusive Nike Pro Combat jerseys. Those who may have pre-ordered before the price drop will be given that lower price at ship automatically so there is no need to cancel and reorder. Amazon does not charge anything until the product ships so no risk is being taken by pre-ordering given that it can be cancelled at any time. 

It now makes much more sense to buy the game from Amazon rather than considering a wait for a price drop – it will probably be November before NCAA 13 will be found regularly for $45 or less and used copies would not go much lower and still require a $10 “Online Pass” on top of that. Remember that those with EA’s ‘Season Ticket’ will be available to download and play NCAA 13 starting on Friday July 6 and that will run through Tuesday morning when a retail copy will be needed to continue.

Last year NCAA 12 got a significant surge in sales due to Amazon’s $20 promotional credit that accompanied pre-orders making that a much better value and appealing as a purchase. The $45 base price may actually even spur more sales than what that tactic was able to achieve.