Your Thoughts on Madden NFL 13 Following E3 Announcements and Videos

Posted June 16th, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Anticipation levels were high heading into E3 for Madden NFL 13 considering EA Sports had been hyping huge reveals to come out of the event for months. Those materialized with the “Infinity” physics engineexplanation of the “Connected Careers” mode, and further incorporation of legends. There are also now plenty of gameplay videos out to analyze which is the best way outside of playing to determine if the stated improvements are ultimately translating to a dramatically better game.

While many more reasons to get excited about Madden NFL 13 have been realized those have also been accompanied by deflating news for anyone who values editing players or importing draft classes from NCAA. As a whole where do your current feelings stand towards Madden 13? Vote in the poll below and leave any thoughts in the comments!