Details on Ultimate Team in Madden NFL 13

Posted July 9th, 2012 at 1:15 pm

EA Sports has released information on what to expect with Ultimate Team mode in Madden NFL 13. Ultimate Team has proven to be an extremely lucrative venture for the company and so it comes as no surprise that a number of additions and enhancements have been made to both keep the interest of veterans of the mode and attract new players to it. 

New this year is a star to act as a team captain, “Solo Challenges” taking on NFL teams and possibly top MUT squads, a website for MUT news and team access, the removal of some auction restrictions, and a Reserves area to place extra cards.

As mentioned last month obtaining a “Legend” in MUT allows for those players to be unlocked for use in Connected Careers – essentially bypassing part of the frustration generated by limiting a number of them to specific retailer pre-order incentives. It’s at least an option as opposed to buying five copies of the game to get all the legends or eventually having to buy them as DLC.

For expanded details check out the full developer blog here and the video below highlighting the improvements to Ultimate Team for Madden NFL 13.