SSX Patch Adds Two New Modes

Posted August 7th, 2012 at 9:45 am

The teases from EA Sports regarding new content for SSX materialized today in a patch for the game that delivers two new modes for free. As expected head-to-head live online multiplayer races are now in and known as “3-2-1-GO” as is the ability to simply explore a mountain in “Freeride” mode.

Online races now support up to 5 live competitors. “3-2-1-GO” events can be found at the wall or browsing the globe and are available for both “Race It” and “Trick It” runs. The winner in the latter will be determined by who scores the most and crosses the finish line before the clock expires.

In addition to the new modes a few minor fixes have been delivered with the patch. This represents truly impressive support for the title which didn’t take off at retail despite being generally well received. EA deserves some credit for not abandoning the game and in this case for adding value without even walling it off as downloadable content.