Third Post-Release Patch for NCAA Football 13 to Release Later This Month

Posted October 9th, 2012 at 5:45 pm

On the heels of the significant patch being announced for Madden NFL 13 comes details on the latest for NCAA Football 13. Expected out in the second half of October the patch addresses additional issues with the game including those with no-huddle, recruiting in Dynasty mode, and an online grieving exploit. The update is not nearly as impactful as the one Madden will be receiving but certainly those affected by the problems being fixed will appreciate it.

Continue on for the full details of the upcoming NCAA Football 13 patch and leave your thoughts in the comments!

•Fixed issue where running the no-huddle was taking too long.
•Fixed an issue where players were sometimes not breaking the huddle.
•Fixed it so receivers won’t slip as much on the turf when it is raining.

•Fixed it where prospects were softly committing to schools even though they were not on that school’s recruiting board or showed any interest.
•Fixed some recruiting logic where CPU teams were not offering scholarships to some prospects.
•Fixed an issue with uploading highlights to Dynasty Wire.
•Made the sorting on the Recruiting more user friendly so that it remembers previous sorts.
•Fixed an issue where a prospect with low interest was getting changed to “N/A”.
•Fixed an issue where some Online Dynasties were losing players and coaches.
•Fixed a problem where promises were getting deleted.

Online Head-to-Head
•Fixed a reporting issue where going offsides three times forced opponent into a loss.

•Increased the stability of the product by fixing various crashes.