Checking Back on Current Quarterback Ratings in Madden NFL 13

Posted November 19th, 2012 at 9:45 am

Three weeks ago an evaluation was done on the league’s starting quarterbacks in Madden NFL 13 by looking at their current overall rating and how that matched up with their production for the current season. With three roster updates since then and more data to consider it’s time to look again at where each of them (and a few new ones) stand and whether they could be considered overrated or underrated when matched up against the “average” QB statistically and it’s respective translation to Madden 13.

The “average” QB can be defined as having a Madden rating of 86 with statistical output of 2303 yards thrown, 62.2% completion percentage, 14 touchdown passes, 8 interceptions, and a 56.4 ESPN Total QBR rating.





Aaron Rodgers 2619-67.2%-27TD-6INT-69.5QBR 99 Slightly Overrated
Tom Brady 2976-65.1%-21TD-3INT-81.6QBR 99 —–
Drew Brees 3066-62.3%-28TD-9INT-71.6QBR 97 —–
Peyton Manning 2975-68.5%-24TD-7INT-80.6QBR 97 Slightly Underrated
Ben Roethlisberger 2287-66.1%-17TD-4INT-71.8QBR 95 —–
Matt Ryan 3072-67.5%-20TD-12INT-74.5QBR 95 —–
Eli Manning 2641-61.3%-12TD-11INT-66.6QBR 94 Slightly Overrated
Joe Flacco 2495-60.4%-13TD-7INT-56.4QBR 90 —–
Tony Romo 2916-67.3%-13TD-13INT-60.2QBR 89 —–
Matthew Stafford 2988-62.1%-12TD-10INT-59.9QBR 89 —–
Matt Schaub 2540-65.5%-18TD-8INT-65.7QBR 89 Slightly Underrated
Philip Rivers 2461-67.1%-17TD-14INT-43.1QBR 88 Vastly Overrated
Alex Smith 1731-70.0%-13TD-5INT-69.8QBR 88 Slightly Underrated
Robert Griffin III 2193-67.1%-12TD-3INT-70.7QBR 87 Underrated
Andrew Luck 2965-57.0%-12TD-12INT-75.6QBR 87 —–
Cam Newton 2395-57.0%-9TD-10INT-40.4QBR 86 Vastly Overrated
Jay Cutler 1814-59.2%-12TD-10INT-48.4QBR 86 Slightly Overrated
Michael Vick 2165-58.5%-11TD-9INT-47.5QBR 85 Slightly Overrated
Carson Palmer 3035-60.7%-17TD-11INT-45.2QBR 85 —–
Josh Freeman 2505-56.4%-21TD-7INT-59.1QBR 85 Underrated
Andy Dalton 2559-64.2%-20TD-11INT-57.5QBR 84 Underrated
Sam Bradford 2242-60.8%-12TD-8INT-50.4QBR 83 —–
Russell Wilson 1827-62.1%-15TD-8INT-56.1QBR 82 Underrated
Ryan Fitzpatrick 2179-62.5%-17TD-10INT-49.1QBR 82 —–
Matt Hasselbeck 1367-62.4%-7TD-5INT-48.5QBR 81 —–
Jake Locker 903-59.8%-6TD-2INT-71.1QBR 80 Slightly Underrated
Kevin Kolb 1169-59.6%-8TD-3INT-38.0QBR 78 Injured
Ryan Tannehill 2120-58.1%-6TD-11INT-48.0QBR 77 —–
Christian Ponder 2027-65.2%-12TD-8INT-52.0QBR 77 Slightly Underrated
Mark Sanchez 2038-53.5%-11TD-9INT-33.4QBR 75 Overrated
Matt Cassel 1796-58.1%-6TD-12INT-36.5QBR 75 Overrated
Brandon Weeden 2298-55.3%-11TD-12INT-22.8QBR 75 Overrated
Blaine Gabbert 1662-58.3%-9TD-6INT-40.9QBR 75 —–
Chad Henne 569-52.1%-5TD-1INT-40.0QBR 74 —–
John Skelton 1058-54.7%-2TD-5INT-19.3QBR 73 Overrated
Nick Foles 423-55.1%-1TD-3INT-18.0QBR 71 —–
Brady Quinn 308-60.3%-0TD-3INT-14.6QBR 71 —–