Zombieland TV Show Heading to Amazon

Posted January 22nd, 2013 at 5:15 pm

Before it was a hit movie Zombieland was originally envisioned as a television series. That plan is now coming to fruition as a Zombieland show is in the works and, even more interestingly, will reportedly be available only though Amazon’s Instant Video service. While Netflix has been pulling together their own original programming with the likes of Arrested Development‘s return, Lilyhammer, and House of Cards, this would represent the first major move by Amazon to do the same and pack in more value to their service. Presumably it would be available to those with Prime memberships to watch for free or at a cost to those without it.

The Zombieland series will feature the same four major characters from the film – just played by different actors and with some changes made if the casting call descriptions are any indication. After possibilities with CBS over the years it was more recently expected that Fox would carry the series so it comes as a big surprise that Amazon stepped in and will be its home.