MLB 13: The Show Has 17 Players Rated 99

Posted February 13th, 2013 at 10:00 am


Having been noted previously SCEA is shifting away from a “bar” representing a player’s overall skill level and going to a numbered ratings system with MLB 13: The Show. Of course those numbers existed in past iterations they were just hidden away which makes it interesting to find out just how players stacked up then compared to new edition out next month.

Apparenlty MLB 12 featured a mindboggling 44 players rated 99 overall while a change to the positional weight of individual attributes has reduced that number to 17 in MLB 13. The information comes from a post over at Operation Sports. The Los Angeles Angels lead the way with 3 players at the pinnacle and a few others that are sure to be close. Continue on for the list of players who’ll start MLB 13 rated 99.

Starting Pitcher
Felix Hernandez
Clayton Kershaw
Stephen Strasburg
Justin Verlander

Relief Pitcher
Aroldis Chapman
Craig Kimbrel

Buster Posey

First Base
Albert Pujols

Second Base
Robinson Cano

Troy Tulowitzki

Third Base
Miguel Cabrera

Ryan Braun
Carlos Gonzalez
Josh Hamilton
Matt Kemp
Andrew McCutchen
Mike Trout